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7 Habits of Highly Successful Millennials

Published on December 28, 2016 12:00 AM EST
millennial habits

I’m a millennial, so my idea of highly successful habits might seem quite unorthodox to some.

Nevertheless, the basic principles of the highly subjective ambiguous phrase “success” remain roughly the same: take care of the mind, body, and soul.

millennial habits

Here are some of my millennial habits for success:

1. Always take breaks.

I can’t seem to sit still. I fidget and toss and turn. My legs itch, my head begins to twitch, and I feel uneasy if I sit for too long. This is the problem I had working in corporate. I almost felt forced to sit still.

When I ventured into my own business, I felt an ease in taking breaks. Step away from your laptop for 15 minutes, walk outside, and allow your muscles to relax.

2. Connect with others.

I often found that the most interesting conversations happened during the most unexpected situations: on a train ride, at a coffee shop, in line at supermarket, etc. We love to connect with others; it’s part of our inherent human nature.

Allow yourself to genuinely connect with strangers (of course, with precautions) because some of these folks might be potential prospects, business partners, or angel investors. This is one of the most important millennial habits to develop.

3. Develop mentors in your life.

I never claim to know it all nor do I ever want to know it all. My goal is to absorb as much information as possible from my much wiser group of friends.

I can attribute mentorship to my growth and success. My mentors have helped me develop my good millennial habits, open resources, and create strategies that otherwise would have been difficult for me.

Also read these mentorship quotes that will inspire you to find that great teacher who will motivate you to achieve your best.

4. Mindful meditation.

Mediate when you are alone or even while typing on your laptop. Writing has been a therapeutic process for me as well. Allow your thoughts to flow in a stream of consciousness style (think, James Joyce). Pray or exercise mindful meditation. This reminds us that there is more to life than a lucrative business plan.

5. Eat healthy.

Always carry water with you in your car or at the office. I won’t even begin to mention the countless benefits to water, but we all know that staying healthy requires a hydrated body. And just like momma’ always said: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Keep healthy with fruits and veggies so you keep the engine going at work. Think of your body as a car — you have to take care of the engine if you want to keep the motor running. Being healthy is crucial to millennial habits.

6. Take a chill pill.

I often hear many entrepreneurs say that they don’t sleep at night because they have so much work to do. I used to be one of them, and I can tell you: this is more dangerous than it is progressive. If you are working into the night, then it’s time to re-evaluate your business plan.

What resources can you pull to shorten your work hours? Sleep at least seven hours a night and allow your mind and your body to rest to recharge for the next day. Rest is an important aspect of millennial habits for success.

7. Be bold and brazen.

We fear rejection, failure, and the “loser” sign on our foreheads. Do not be ridden by fear. Be bold and brazen to try new things, attempt new partnerships, create new ideas, or simply seek for help. Let’s capitalize on opportunities without the fear of failure.

Which of these millennial habits are you already practicing today?

Just because the practices you’ve developed over the years may seem odd or offbeat to some, doesn’t mean that they can’t drive you to success. Do what works for you. Don’t just think outside the box – create it.

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