5 Myths About Success That Are Killing Your Motivation
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5 Myths About Success That Are Killing Your Motivation And Confidence

Published on March 6, 2016 12:00 AM EST
5 Myths About Success That Are Killing Your Motivation And Confidence

If you ever witnessed a little crawler stand up on their feet and start walking for the first time, then you know what success looks like.


5 Myths About Success That Are Killing Your Motivation And Confidence

Your own toddlerhood was full of successes, until you stopped celebrating them, and started believing different myths about success, that might have killed your motivation and confidence at some point of your life.

5 Myths About Success That Are Killing Your Motivation And Confidence

Let’s get clear about these 5 popular Myths, so you can claim success back into your life, as soon as you finish reading this article.


Myth #1: “Success has no wrinkles”

Have you ever met a couple with a great marriage of over 50 years? Most would agree that they have a successful marriage, yet take a look at their daily life and you’ll see both of them failing a lot. Even if they don’t look as fantastic as in their wedding day pictures anymore, true success is exactly that: to keep going in spite of failures and wrinkles.


Next time you mispronounce a word as you’re aired in national TV, sabotage a sale of you own product, or loose that great job opportunity, remember that success has more to do with perseverance than with perfection. Take a shower and keep walking towards your goals.


Myth #2: “If you used help to succeed, then it’s not your own success”

This myth is mostly true, because success is never achieved on your own. Like it or not, you owe your life, your skills, and your opportunities to someone else.


The problem with this myth is that it makes people try to do things on their own, turning their journey more difficult and lonely.


When you acknowledge that success is a cooperative accomplishment, you not only get access to mentors and opportunities, but also learn to own, enjoy and multiply your success, in a humble and empowering way.


Myth #3: “A negative is a failure, a yes is a success”

The little girl certainly wants a “yes” when she’s asking to skip the seat belt in the car. Her dad gives her a “no”, which makes her more likely to be successful in the event of a collision.


At the same time, an entrepreneur receives a negative from a potential client that might have turned into a big headache; a brilliant employee receives a negative for that great job opportunity that pays less than the one that’s coming; and a couple receives a negative on their loan request for the beautiful house that would have kept them in debt for the rest of their lives.


While some negatives could be easily appreciated after a few weeks or months, there are others that might remain a mystery for years, or even until the day we die.


Get encouraged with every “no”, and move forward to the next “yes”, that will be a true blessing for your life.

Myth #4: Success looks like the pictures in social media and magazine covers

Would you post a picture of yourself on that day when you felt like a failure? Would you wear your ugliest outfit for a magazine photo shot? – Me neither.


Even if I’m upfront telling that difficulties are part of business and life, I’m not sharing unfiltered tears, undealt frustration nor fresh failures. They are between God, myself and, when appropriate, my family and coaches.


Successful people are also wise people, and they know the time to feature your weakness is when you’ve overcame, forgiven and already comfortable with it.


Next time you’re being discouraged by how much your real life doesn’t look like someone else’s Social Media profile, ask yourself: How much your own Social Media is a reflect of your real life?


Myth #5: Success is addictive and void

If in your concept of success, there’s addiction and voidness, then that’s probably how success looks like to you when you achieve it. However, if your ideal of succeeding includes freedom and fulfillment, this is probably a sign that you needed to work more around your emotions and spirit.


Success is not an absolute word, as it is highly dependent on your own concept of it. If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you have experienced success in the past, and evidently are capable to reproduce similar accomplishments in the future. More so, you might be sitting on success right now and not being able to recognize it because it doesn’t look as you thought it would.


Go ahead and fill a sheet of paper with a list of your past successes, in all areas of you life. What were the main ingredients that allowed you to succeed in the past? What kind of people helped you achieve past successes? Who are the people who can help you now?


Before the end of the week, get some of those ingredients and reach out to the people that could help you reach the next level of success.

5 Myths About Success That Are Killing Your Motivation And Confidence
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