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Not Dead, Can’t Quit

Published on April 16, 2015 12:00 AM EST
motivational blog

“You may not accomplish every goal you set — no one does — but what really matters is having goals and going after them wholeheartedly. In the end, it us the person you become, not the things you achieve, that is most important.” —Les Brown

My first goal was to open up my own small business, which would help people get stronger, both physically and emotionally. I wanted to help people with their outside struggles, teach them perseverance, build their character and emotional discipline. Physical strength was a product of this training.

My second goal was to create a training program that would enable my company to be successful and be specific towards my first goal. So I set a goal to compete in a powerlifting meet and designed a program specific to my goal. I knew the biggest challenge would be raising enough money and keeping my head high through what would be the toughest emotional challenge of my life. The result of the competition was a 1455Lb total and 2nd Place overall.

motivational blog

Now I come to my third goal. GROWTH. My past two goals have been completed. They have proven that anyone can turn their lives around if they set goals and have integrity when going after them. I am reaching out to all of you now to be part of United Strength, Inc.—if not for yourself, then help a friend, a family member, or even a stranger that you see struggling. I have dedicated my life to becoming a better person than I was yesterday and want to show the world that it is possible to achieve success and happiness.

joey kopito united strength inc.

I have partnered up with Rob Fisher, owner of Lift Fitness in Roslyn, to achieve this goal. Rob is dedicated to fitness; he has been a friend of mine for ten years and has begun to mentor me on the business end. Lift is a great facility for training: There are unlimited possibilities, freedom to be creative, and there is a great energy there.

United Strength, Inc. is about more than lifting heavy weights. It is about bringing dramatic change to your life. It is about character development and emotional discipline. I use weights as my vehicle to teach people how to take control of their lives. The product of that training may be six-pack abs, bigger arms, or weight loss, but the bigger picture is becoming a stronger person overall and having the courage to take on your fears.

My training brings people to a certain level of discomfort. It is just enough that the client can achieves a goal. Whether it is one more rep, or one more pound, the client has a sense of accomplishment.

I want my clients to feel good about themselves every time they train. I value the personal element of training at United Strength, Inc. It allows a more specialized program that is tailored to each person.

joey kopito united strength inc.

My “big three” are punctuality, positivity, and perseverance. All of these are a big part of my business’s success and also of my clients’.

We are set apart from other gyms by our challenging workouts. We focus on attention to detail as well as patience to teach proper form and technique.

We deliver our product with integrity. Workouts are customized for specific sports, disciplines, or limitations. We solve problems like muscular imbalances, posture, weaknesses, and joint pain.

motivational blog
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