5 Simple Steps to Overcome Fear and Manifest Dreams

The fear of success is a hurdle many have to conquer to live out their dreams.

It is often derived from feelings of unworthiness, which leads to anxiety.

One develops beliefs that their dreams are too big, that they don’t deserve such joy, happiness, or success.

If you are ready to release this mindset and begin fulfilling your dreams, I will share a few simple steps to achieve the success YOU deserve.

Before getting into the steps that will enable you in overcoming fear however, let’s first delve into what may be behind such fears.

Ask yourself WHY you think happiness is NOT for you.

  • Is it because as a child you were told your dreams were unrealistic?
  • That you didn’t fit the typical mold of someone who is holding that position?
  • Or is it because you were never encouraged to have the faith to dream big?

Whatever the reason or circumstance, in order to move past the fear, you must first identify it, unravel, and reduce its relevance in your mind.

To do this, you must reduce the fear to its minimal level by confronting it.

In the case of fear of success: look at why each time you get close to your heart’s desire, something happens to impede your success.

For example: you made it through several job interviews for your dream position, but at the last interview, you do your worst, OR for some reason, you were late and completely drop the ball.

Usually, you have worked up so much internal anxiety that you create negative thoughts in your mind.

This causes you to feel unworthy.

The unworthiness then makes you feel that your dreams are bigger than you deserve.

In overcoming fear of success, take your big dream and break it down to smaller mini-dreams.

I used this process to successfully open my first business when I was only 25 years old.

I left Oakland and arrived in Las Vegas with only that dream.

But to achieve that goal, I had to put my fears of succeeding in a new city aside – and focus.

Within a year, I had opened The Java Hut Gourmet Coffee, the first cyber-cafe in Las Vegas — years before Starbucks came to town.

To achieve my goal, I wrote down and took the necessary steps to not only open my coffeehouse, but also to conquer my fears at the same time.

These are the steps that allowed me to accomplish it.

5 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Manifest Your Dreams

1. Pray or meditate on what you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years.

Identify three major things you want to achieve.

Remember: this is YOUR big-dream phase.

So dream big, think outside the box.

Make a list of things you want and have a passion to achieve.

If you’re a writer, perhaps your dream is to author a best-selling book; or for a chef, the dream may be to open your own restaurant.

2. Write 1-year goals that will get you to the 5-year dream.

For a writer, a 1-year goal could be taking classes to develop writing skills or starting a blog.

These goals are milestones that help keep you on track to attain your dream.

These milestones allow you to celebrate small victories leading up to your big dreams.

The victories along the way strengthen your inner faith, while overcoming fear and reducing feelings of unworthiness.

3. Take each of your 1-year goals and divide them into twelve 1-month tasks.

This is the phase where the dream becomes your daily reality.

It’s no longer that far-off fantastic thing that you once thought unattainable.

Now, you can breathe because you see how the dots from each month connect to a year.

This builds momentum toward your 5-year dream.

Monthly tasks for a writer could be: research creative writing classes, register for classes, make a website and start a personal blog, create a journal to outline book, pitch stories to magazines, etc.

4. Remember to document your progress.

Celebrate each milestone accomplishment as a victory!

This is very important because the celebration is what builds confidence, reduces the fear, and replaces it with feelings of worth.

I document my achievements in a journal.

This is so I can refer back to check that I am on course for achieving my dreams.

Plus, it’s nice to look back and see how much I’ve achieved in terms of overcoming fear.

I have found that writing things down helps.

I recently saw a documentary about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

They showed a document where, at 14, he had written a goal that he accomplished 10 years later.

It was so amazing to see that writing out his dream, putting in the hard work, and then achieving that goal.

It may have seemed impossible at 14 – but he made it happen by 24.

5. Put your plan into action.

Remember: it is a living document — edit as needed in order for it to continually and accurately reflect the state of your goals.

Celebrate the milestones and update as you progress.

When you feel fearful, press reset and go back to Step 1 again.

These simple steps will allow you to increase your inner faith while overcoming fear.

As this process develops, your mind can remain focused.

At the same time, you are able to reflect on past accomplishments, which is the reassurance you need.

In life, and in business, there will always be fears and apprehension.

But if you make it a practice to utilize these techniques, those fears and apprehensions will ultimately subside.

Break down your big dream into a series of more manageable mini-dreams, and then watch as your string of accomplishments begins to rise.

As this happens, you’ll be able to live the successful life that you truly deserve.

Shonda Scott is a recognized business woman, civic leader and philanthropist. She is the CEO of the Oakland-based consulting firm, 360 Total Concept, solving complex business challenges for clients like Uber, Comcast and McDonald’s, all while staying committed to improving local communities worldwide. Ms. Scott has served on President Obama’s Platform Committee, as well as The White House Council for Women and Girls inaugural committee of community leaders.
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