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Are YOU Ready for It? – Motivational Video (ft. Jeff Moore)

Published on September 2, 2016 12:00 AM EST
motivational video

We all have goals and dreams.

We think that we’re ready for it, and that we deserve it.

motivational video

But if we don’t have it right NOW, then we are NOT ready for it yet, because we don’t meet the qualifications. We may think that we SHOULD have it. Wondering why we don’t have it yet. Feeling the sting in our core, when someone says to us that “you’re not ready for it”.

How do we deserve of the very thing we are after?

We need to stay humble.
We have to get up EVERY DAY to do the ONE THING that will bring us that much closer to our goal.
We have to get up and GRIND to get it.
We have to WORK HARD to get it.
We have to be willing to ask for help when we need it.

You need to have the attitude that THIS IS MINE. There is NO WAY that I will not achieve it. Not you, not him, not her, or ANYONE ELSE will keep me from attaining it.

I will be relentless, I will work tirelessly, I will do what it takes to become the person that I must be, in order to attain this goal.

And I’m going to be smart about it.
I’m going to “sharpen my saw” so I can cut more wood. I’m going to look for those who have done what I am looking to do, or something similar, so that I can learn from their journey; so that I can achieve my DESTINY, and share my journey with those who come after me.

I’m going to work to make myself a worthy vessel in order to attain it.

And I won’t stop until I get there. However, I’m going to ENJOY the journey.
The universe may tell me that I am not ready for it YET, but I know that I hold that worthiness within me. I just have to polish it.

Just as in order to get a purer form of gold, you have to put it through a hotter fire, the universe is making me into what I need to be in order to attain that which I desire.

“Fear knocked at the door, Faith Answered. No one was there.”

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