10 Reasons You Should Spend Less Time on Facebook

Facebook reminds me of one of those ex-lovers that always boost your ego.

You know the one: not ‘marriage’ material and totally unhealthy, but right for you at the right moment?

Yeah, that’s Facebook.

And like that good old standby, here are the top 10 reasons you should say “Bye Felicia!

I mean… Facebook.


Why You Should Limit Facebook Time:

10. Self-Esteem  

If you can’t stand to see Aunt Suzie’s new Benz or stomach cousin Sarah’s cruise pictures – maybe you even throw up a little at witnessing Ben and Betsy’s unending love… It’s probably a good idea to limit Facebook time.

You are not equipped to handle such a wide array of fantastic happily-ever-afters.


9. Crazy + Fanatics

‘Crazy’ is defined as a mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.

Now, let’s add a healthy dose of fanatic.

Fanatic: a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.

This is a recipe for disaster and pray you don’t get tagged!

These people are worse than serial braggers.

Instead of glorifying the good, they choose to rant all day about a person or group that offended them.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, it’s that ONE family member who cusses up a storm and has the audacity to tag you while giving racist/sexist/spiritual/relationship advice.

Um, yeah, Facebook, please “Hide” from the timeline.


8. Holiday Overkill

No more Christmas trees, Halloween outfits, Birthday turn-ups, or Valentine’s Day gifts.

If friends or family are over-sharing, maybe you should limit Facebook time.

I get that your hubby is number one for sending you flowers at work on the anniversary, and little Joey is adorable being a sheep in the Christmas play at school…but enough is enough.

Sorry (not sorry) for angry-facing the Happy Holidays profile picture and mindlessly scrolling past your Aunt Betty making that Jack Daniels bundt cake for every occasion!


7. Filters and Unnecessary Add-ons

Ok, yes, we noticed Facebook! Now we too, can become the mean old lion from the Wizard of Oz or add a well-designed flower to the side of our head.

But, you are NOT Snapchat and those that love it ARE offended! Have you ever heard of ‘staying in your own lane’?

We don’t need colorful text boxes or add-ons we can get somewhere else – great content are enough.

6. Instagram

Instagram is advertising made simple.

Add an image, text, link; get some love; make some money ($$$).

Sometimes, Facebook has too many distractions.

Instagram is so easy and all that we love about social media: short, sweet, and profitable.

Limit Facebook time when you find yourself loving another app.

5. There’s Always Twitter

Again, there are other social media networks out there.

Options like Twitter, for example, draws in a fun crowd who like to share and laugh over everyday, simple stuff.

4. Stalkers

Weird Facebook callers from other countries at 2 a.m., or serial messages from the ‘mysteriously named guy with creepy photo’ are not the business.

No sir, it does not go down in the DM.

Please refrain from assuming it is.

Thanks for the Christmas wreath, flower message, book sale notice, I’m making my own movie Go Fund Me page link, etc.

But yeah, no thanks.

Equally annoying are those serial likers… you know, the ones you finally allow to become your friend and then they “like/love” 83 of your selfies back to back to back…“un-friend”.


3. Facebook Live

I truly love the woman that prays every morning at 6 a.m., Kellie E. Lane.

But as for every other life coach, cook, preacher, or teacher that takes the time to share their inspirational message of truth… every day… not so much.

Facebook, I really popped on to be nosy for five minutes.

Please, please, please, don’t pop open that ever annoying box in the corner with my friend’s awkward video on it… It makes me feel a little guilty when I swipe it away.

2. Productivity

Say “NO” to the kitty cat sliding by in the sandal and get back to work.

From the marketplace ‘pretend’ notifications, to the Facebook Live ‘pretend’ notifications, and the never-ending stream of comments on the unbelievable video post… click away.

Limit Facebook time and you’ll see an increase in productivity.

It’s this social media’s job to distract you from every other area of life.

Be strong.

Don’t look and turn off the ‘ding-ding’ (or whatever yours sound like) notifications.

It’s OK.

You aren’t going to miss anything.

1. It’s Just NOT that Hot! Bye Felicia.

Facebook is just like an old lover (you know… the standby).

We are all like, “Bye Felicia” then, like wait… I’m lying. I still love you.

While we can easily name off the top 10 annoying reasons to hate, slow down or dismiss Facebook, we have just as many reasons to love it.

But, let’s keep it in moderation.

Sometimes, you need to come up for air and just say, “Bye Felicia!” to Facebook.

Limit Facebook Time and Live Real Life

Facebook, like other social media sites, is an excellent marketing and networking tool.

It helps us keep up with old friends and family that are far away.

It’s an awesome way to sell products or services to anyone just about anywhere.

It truly became super cool when television stations began adding it as an avenue for live coverage.

Facebook is way better than your ex -lover and your new one… but it will never compare with true human interaction.

Get out and hug someone, spend quality time.

I love all the technology and being able to shop, sell, see family, pray, and release album debuts at the same time… just not all day, every day.

It’s OK to unplug now and then.

Why not Netflix, Hulu, Yideo, Youtube, and chill.

Stephanie D. Moore is the owner of Moore Marketing and Communications. She is a marketing strategist, publicist, speaker and published author. She has worked in media for more than 10 years serving television, print and web entities. To learn more, follow her on social media (if you dare) or visit her website(s): StephanieDMoore.com or MooreToRead.com.
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