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13 Self-Improvement Hacks For Life and Work

Published on August 28, 2016 3:26 PM EST
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Self-improvement isn’t just a matter of academic fascination pursued by a few learned individuals. It’s something that can be practically followed by all of us to accomplish a certain goal or improve our lives.

What exactly is self-improvement? We come across the phrase everywhere but can you actually say what it implies to you? Well, self-improvement relates to things that you can do to improve your life. It includes being conscious of your flaws and trying to work on them. This can be your outlook towards life and others, emotional health or physical standpoint. By improving yourself, you’ll have a chance to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Check out some tips, which you can use to make yourself better:

Tip #1: Have a Good Start

Starting the day with an optimistic attitude can help you to stay positive throughout the day. You should thus make it a rule to begin your day optimistically. Get up early and do something positive like mediation or jogging before leaving for school or work. If you’re a student, you can wake up early to study when the mind is still fresh.

Tip #2: Be Optimistic

It’s true that what we think is what we’re. You should, as a result, try to find something positive about all situations even when they seem impossible. Being grateful for the small things in life is the key to achieving even bigger things.

Tip #3: Associate with Positive People

The people we surround ourselves with play a key role in our thoughts. If you’re always in the company of individuals who are always criticizing and whining you’re more likely to be like them. You should consequently mind your company at all times.

Tip #4: Set Goals

You must know what you want to accomplish to help yourself. You should set practical goals, especially when it boils down to your financial status. Once you’ve your goals, you’ll need to be disciplined and work hard to attain them. Even better, you can encourage yourself by rewarding your efforts.

Tip #5: Take a Break

Being a hard worker isn’t a bad thing, but it’s good to take a short break every now and then. This will give your body time to rest so when you go back to work you’ll have a clear mind. You can even take breaks in between working sessions and have a chat with your colleagues. Better yet, you can go for a short holiday on the weekend.

Tip #6: Face Your Fears

It’s true that facing your fears sets a platform for success. Once you’ve overcome your fears, there will be no stopping you.

Tip #7: Give to Others

Those who give to others always get back. Giving doesn’t always have to be in the form of money. You can compliment your coworkers, smile at others and be polite to them when they do a great job. You’ll be surprised at how people can change and be eager to help when you show them some love.

Tip #8: Always Learn from Your Past

There is no better answer to what is self-improvement and how to achieve it than by learning from your past mistakes. People who don’t let their past encounters discourage them have a better chance of improving than those who give up after the first trial. We can, therefore, say that the best way to help ourselves is never to repeat our past mistakes.

Tip #9: Quit Smoking

Smokers are in all respects, a perishing breed. Those who continue puffing suffer higher rates of stroke, respiratory disease, heart disease and cancer than non-smokers. The National Health Service projected that over seventy thousand deaths in 2017 were linked to the habit.

Many smokers have considered turning to E-cigarettes, which are “vaped” instead of smoked, to quit. Electronic cigarettes are a new development and are promoted as a good alternative to smoking.

However, getting started can be a daunting task for newbies. Many stores prey on inexperienced vapers’ lack of knowledge, selling them costly equipment or, worse, CBD vaping oil products that will make them ill instead of helping them unwind.

To get around this, it’s vital to get a basic understanding of vaping and the components included before making your purchase.

Tip #10: Evaluate Your Life

This self-improvement tip is essential so that you can determine what is working and what isn’t. There are times when you tend to focus on the things that you’ve done wrong. Instead of doing that, you should focus on the things you did right to enable you to focus on doing those things again, and that is congruent to your core values, and this enhances your self-improvement.

Tip #11: Be Open

The self-development program you develop for yourself must contain all the flaws you’ve spotted independently or using the recommendations from others. This means that you’ve to be open to the suggestions of others.

To be open means that you’re willing to listen to others, and with an open mind, not taking everything as right or wrong but with the likelihood that what you’re receiving can help you become a better person.

Tip #12: Daily Journaling

A journal helps clarify thoughts, to think more clearly and to actually see where your thinking might not be so good. You then want to improve. When you put down something, it becomes more than a fleeting thought. Tomorrow, you’ll look back and see how you felt, and you’ll compare with how you feel or think today, and you can go ahead and make changes.

Tip #13: Meditation

Meditation is one of the best and most effective ways of reducing stress and clearing out your system. You get rid of junk thoughts and best of all; you leave room in there for clean, clear thinking. It also has direct health benefits; you will slow down your heartbeat and improve digestion just by meditating for a few minutes each day.

No one is perfect, and personal development and self-improvement is a never-ending journey. So keep treading on the path of that will surely build your self-esteem.

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