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7 Self-Sabotaging Thoughts Ruining Your Business and Life

Published on December 15, 2015 12:00 AM EST
self sabotaging thoughts ruining your business and life

7 Self-Sabotaging Thoughts Ruining Your Business and Life

Who would ever want to self-sabotage themselves? You would! Unconsciously…

Did you know that your success is directly linked to your thoughts about yourself? Unfortunately, most people’s self-image picture is incomplete and inaccurate…It is made up of negative statements, emotions and reactions to life experiences and events. Like a movie, our mind puts these awful events on replay, as a constant reminder of failure and disappointment and they pop up like cued commercials right when we’re ready to step into something new and exciting.

self sabotaging thoughts ruining your business and life

After years of being told the wrong messages, many people don’t believe they can be successful.

Self-Sabotaging Thoughts Ruining Your Business and Life

What happens is they become full of excuses as to why success can’t happen for them, and they say things like:

“I don’t have a college degree”

“I’m a single mother”

“I’m too old”

“I’m too young”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m not pretty enough” or even “I’m too pretty and no one takes me seriously.”

When you decide to go after your dreams, many things will pop up in your life…all kinds of resistance may show up and give you plenty of reasons to shrink back safely into your comfort zone.

The resistance may come from many familiar sources…sometimes it’s your friends and family or like I mentioned earlier it could be your own thoughts.

You’ll hear things like…

“Oh just who do you think you are?!”  or

“What makes you so much different from everyone else?” or

“I don’t deserve this…”

“What will people think?”

“I don’t want money to ruin me”

“You’re changing, and I don’t like it”

All of these statements are sabotaging your success. No one can hold you back and stop you from succeeding…only yourself.

It doesn’t matter your upbringing or situation. You are in total control of your own success. In order to get the results you desire, you must first learn how to resist negative thoughts that can stop you in your success tracks.

Let’s look at seven self-sabotaging thoughts or actions that could be stopping you from going big in your business and life.

Self-Sabotage Thought #1

Negatively paranoid about success.

Thoughts that make you worry about failing will cause you to shrink back to what’s comfortable instead of taking risks.

Good thought: Many times you can allow your mind to be flooded with all the wrong thoughts, like “What if I fail?!”  Instead, next time ask yourself, “What if I succeed?!” Then allow yourself to conjure up images of you succeeding. Let those thoughts linger until you’re able to accept them as a real possibility.

Self-Sabotage Thought #2

Being satisfied with the status quo…although you often say you want BIG success.

Often,I hear people say they want success but deep down in their hearts they are just comfortable where they are and fight to stay the same. If you’ve ever scoffed at the idea of grinding harder to achieve your dream…if you’ve ever said, “it doesn’t take all that” when presented with a game plan for success, then you may be struggling with moving past mediocrity.

Good Thought: When you’re ready to do big things, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Make a decision to meet your goals and commit to doing what ever it takes. Be persistent in overcoming the obstacles.  Although it is very rewarding, achieving success is difficult.  There is no straight line to the top. Oftentimes things never work out like you originally planned it. The pursuit of success will make you uncomfortable, you’ll have to do what you haven’t done to get what you never had. Learn to sacrifice something that you like to live a life you’ll LOVE.

Self-Sabotage Thought #3

Wasting time regretting, criticizing, shaming and blaming yourself or others for past mistakes.

Every time you rehearse a past failure you reinforce the experience and cause similar experiences to keep happening to you. Then you’re like, “I knew this would happen…I knew I wouldn’t get the job…I knew it wouldn’t happen for me…”

Good Thought: Start each day with a clean slate.Before you go to sleep at night, take a few minutes to think positive thoughts of accomplishing your dreams and goals.  Learn from your mistakes, but don’t allow your past to negatively affect your future. Replace those thoughts with positive ideals about your future, what you want to accomplish.

Self-Sabotage Thought/Action #4

Having unclear goals or the wrong goals that never get met and often cause you to feel guilty about the lack of achievement.

With no goals you can’t fail because you’ve got nowhere to go. You can’t find fulfillment in life without goals or low goals. That inner burning to be greater will nag you to achieve more.

Good Thought: Instead of setting the bar low, stretch yourself to set real goals that scare you. By just writing down a big goal you will be empowered to try something new, to do more so that you can be more. Create concrete significant goals so that you have something to work towards. Break your big goal down into actionable steps and do something daily that will move you closer to your goals.

Self-Sabotage Thought #5

Allowing naysayers to bombard you with stories, statistics and sayings that convince you that you are incapable of winning.

This is what I call the crab syndrome. Whenever a crab tries to climb out of the bucket, the other crabs grab a hold of him and pull him back down to the bottom with them.

It’s the funniest thing when you decide to raise your level of living…you’ll hear all kinds of crazy things like, “don’t work yourself to death.”

Good Thought: Tune out the critics. They know the cost of everything and the value of NOTHING. Fill your mind with positive affirmations and information that will lead you in the direction of your goals. Become an expert on your dream. The more you learn about it, the more confident you’ll become at achieving it.

Self-Sabotage Thought #6

You’d rather be bored and secure than enthusiastically taking risks to reach your goals.

Security will lock you into a dead-end job. It will keep you stuck in a career even though you’re unable to grow in that space any more. Security will also have you unwilling to work through your fears or relationships…because you’re afraid to rock the boat.

Good Thought: Life is too short to hide behind a security blanket. Think of new ways to take risks every day. You can start small with something like updating your LinkedIn Profile and adding new contacts from companies you want to work with. Stop worrying about the outcome, you’ll never know unless you try.

Self-Sabotage Thought #7

Deep down inside, you may be feeling like you’re unworthy of real success and are waiting on someone to give you permission to go for it.

Good Thought: You don’t need anyone’s permission but your own to dream big and go for a big goal. Give yourself permission to win big in your life and business. You deserve a life of accomplishment, fulfillment and financial freedom.

Maybe these points are familiar to you, and you’re fully aware how important it is to adjust your thinking in order to achieve success. If that’s the case then let this be a reminder to you to gain control of your thoughts and take action on what you really want in life. Negative thoughts can clutter your mind and create chaos in your life. You have to clear the chaos and focus on thinking bigger so that you can achieve more.

Surround yourself with inspiring books that will keep you motivated to achieve. My Success Attraction Notes and Quotes is a great coaching guide that will help you reshape your thinking, eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and empower you to succeed.

self sabotaging thoughts ruining your business and life
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