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Simple Ways to Record Impressive Videos as You Travel

Published on February 28, 2013 2:44 PM EST

Nothing else quite comes to recording videos while you travel. It will let you capture the full scope of what you see and hear while you’re on your trip, and provide an emotional depth that is second to none.


That being said recording impressive videos while traveling can be tricky and the conditions may often conspire against you. The good news is that there are a few simple ways that you can use to pull it off:

  • Record outdoor videos during the golden hour

A significant amount of the video footage that you record while traveling is likely to be outdoors. That can pose a challenge, as bright and direct sunlight is hard and will create sharp shadows.

The best time of day to record outdoor videos is normally during the golden hour that is right after dawn or right before sunset. During that time the light will be diffused and soft, and as an added bonus the sky will often look spectacular too.

  • Increase the video frame rate

Travel videos typically have a lot of movement. In some cases you may be moving the camera or panning it, while in others the shots that you’re capturing will be full of action.

Because of the sheer amount of movement involved, increasing the video frame rate can have a dramatic effect on your video. It will make it look much more fluid and more impressive.

As a rule you should record at a frame rate of 30 at least, though you can increase it to 60 for an even smoother video.

  • Keep the camera as steady as you can

No matter your frame rate if your camera shakes too much your video will definitely not look very impressive. That is why you should keep it as steady as possible, and move it gradually and only when absolutely necessary.

Using a portable travel tripod can make a world of difference to the videos that you record. Alternatively you could find other ways to prop up and stabilize your camera.

  • Take advantage of the weather

While the weather may present a challenge when you’re recording travel videos, it can also be an opportunity. Inclement weather conditions can make for spectacular video footage – if you’re prepared for it.

Before you leave on your trip, check the weather forecast and research what conditions you can expect to be facing. Then take steps to prepare accordingly, such as by packing a waterproof camera raincoat.

  • Plan and prepare before you leave

A bit of planning can go a long way towards helping you record better footage while you travel. Make it a point to research your destination, and find places that you feel you would want to shoot – then plan your trip accordingly.

Additionally be sure that you have the supplies you need. A few spare batteries and storage cards can help to ensure you don’t need to stop recording just to recharge or empty out your storage. 

If it is possible, try to bring a laptop along with you so that you can go over your videos, edit them, and even convert them to delivery formats during any downtime that you have. For example you could use Movavi Video Converter so you can convert MOV to MP4 or other formats as required.

All said and done you should find it easier to record impressive videos while you’re traveling using the ways outlined above. In fact you should be able to see the difference that they make for yourself as soon as you try them out, and can build on each one as you get more experience.

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