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5 Effective Ways To Make Your Small Business Look Bigger than It Is

Published on July 9, 2015 3:58 PM EST
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There are instances when being small can give you the advantages you need as a business, but there are other times when appearing larger than you are is a great strategy.

One reason why your business needs to look bigger relates to credibility and trust in the industry. The bigger you look, the more credible customers and other businesses regard you.

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But how can you feel like a corporation when you are still a small business? Here are the secrets.

1. Build a Brand

Branding is more than just having a choice of colors, a catchy slogan or amazing typefaces – it is more of the experience your clients have with your business. It extends to how you dress, how you communicate and how you handle your customers.

Your business might be small, but this doesn’t mean that you limit your ambitions. Having the whole package can help you punch above your weight. You can start the process towards building the brand by using an online printing services company. This company should be able to print your business cards, stationery, marketing items, gifts, promotional items, signs and banners and organize your office, and much more. Such a company is GotPrint, which offers all these services and more.

2. Change the Company Name
Some names scream “sole proprietor” or “a small local firm”; such names won’t work if your goal is to break into the big leagues. You need to have a name that can convince the clients that you have something huge going on.
The best thing is that you can change your sole trader’s name easily, but you have to go the extra mile to make sure your existing customers remain loyal.

3. Get a Professional Phone Number
Having a dedicated phone number for your business is another way to make your business look professional and big. You can share your contacts without the need to share your number. It makes sure you don’t answer your calls unprofessionally – something that can deter potential clients.

As a start-up business, it is easier to go with a Google Voice number, which is free to use. The good thing is that you can forward calls from other numbers to your Google voice number easily.

4. Get a P.O Box

Again, this is a good way to separate the professional from the personal, with a P.O Box, you can set up your mailing address so that suppliers and customers can send mail without divulging your home address. You also know that the items you receive are safe, as compared to waiting it out on the doorstep in the rain waiting for a parcel that you fear might get soaked.

5. Have a Domain Name
People need to find you easily when they go online. One way to do this is to choose a relevant domain name. The domain name should feature the name of the business, and be easy to remember. Forget the free domain names, and go for well-known extensions.

In Closing
Seeming bigger than you are, is one of the ways to play in the big leagues as a small business. Follow these few tips to get you where you want to be without breaking the bank.

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