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Starting a business and website? These 5 quotes from WordPress’ founder will inspire you

Published on May 1, 2016 2:39 PM EST
Starting a business and website

Today’s budding entrepreneurs know that success begins and ends with a powerful and appealing website. Building websites for small businesses is no easy feat, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. With platforms like WordPress, you’re well on your way to launching a site that matches your aesthetic and properly conveys your brand. Why WordPress? Because it’s the most popular platform for website creation in the world, and is highly intuitive for any level of expertise.

Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO at WordPress, is a huge inspiration for anyone building a website for their business. Though WordPress powers the majority share of the web, it was only started in 2003, when Mullenweg was just 19 years old and a freshmen in college (where he eventually dropped out). If you’re in the process of growing a business and shaping your website to reflect it, there’s no better person to take advice from. Here are five inspirational quotes from Matt Mullenweg to help you stay on the right path:

Starting a business and website

Security Comes First

Love is great, but not as a password.”

This quote embodies the importance of website security, and in today’s digital world, website security is more important than ever. Analysts predict that by 2021, cybercrime damage would amount to $6 trillion. Today’s hackers are highly knowledgeable. Implementing the best security protocols can help you thwart a potential cyber crime. And one of the most simple ways to spearhead your security efforts is to ensure that you and your users employ strong passwords with your website.

Small Businesses Have Power, Too

Now an audience of more than 1 billion people is only a click away from every voice online, and remarkable stories and content can gain flash audiences as people share via social networks, blogs and e-mail. This radically equalizes the power relationship between, say, a blogger and a multibillion dollar corporation.”

Long gone are the days where you needed bucket loads of cash or millionaire investors to properly start a business and reach your target market. While major corporations have the cash flow to funnel their millions into marketing and advertising, more consumers are showing interest in local products, and Google search proves this.

A report from American Express found that consumers see a connection between buying local and economic benefits. They tend to support local businesses more than in the previous decade. As a local or small business, you are at an unique advantage to both reach your nearby market, as well as capitalize on consumers who value locally sourced products. Even service-based businesses can provide valuable blog posts and downloadable resources to those who are not local.

More Action, Less Talking

Has anyone ever said, ‘I wish I could go to more meetings today’?”

When starting a business, the most important first move you can make is to just take action. Too much planning can delay your progress substantially. Many first time entrepreneurs put much more effort into the little details–every curvature of the logo, the shade of turquoise on the landing page, the copy on the “About Us” page.

You rarely regret the meetings you don’t have–what’s important is that you spend more time collaborating and doing than sitting in an office planning. Some of the most progressive businesses attribute part of their success to their ability to be agile and collaborative. A structured, militant office environment that’s padded with office meetings might work in a major corporate environment, but not for a startup or small business.

Put your Product Out There

Usage is like oxygen for ideas. You can never fully anticipate how an audience is going to react to something you’ve created until it’s out there.”

As previously mentioned, the little details that go into building a startup can be worked out over time. As a new business, you learn more about what your consumers want as you grow. You’ll quickly find that it’s very possible that they are more receptive to different types of design, and will need to adjust accordingly. Put your product or service out there, and run with it. What “usage is like oxygen for ideas” means is that the more people use the product or service, the more you’ll understand how to improve it.

Build A Great Culture

Money and salary is not a particularly good motivator in the long term.”

Every entrepreneur should understand that there’s more to building a great business internally than providing a good salary. What people want most is great workplace culture, which can take your company much further than a few extra dollars. A study conducted by Columbia University found that companies with great workplace culture had a low turnover rate of 13.9%, while those with low culture had a high employee turnover rate of 48.4%.

As a business owner, your goal is make your environment enjoyable to come to every single day. What keeps employees happy–and productive–has less to do with salary, and more to do with how they feel valued and comfortable in the workplace.


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