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What Steph Curry can teach us about Greatness

Published on April 16, 2016 12:00 AM EST
What Steph Curry can teach us about Greatness

The sensations. The inspiration. The phenomenon known as Stephen Curry is here and its very real. The rumors of him making 70+ three pointers in a row in practice. Making Impossible shots. Even scoring with his eyes closed while being covered by two defenders. What he has produced in a few short years is nothing short of great. Since he is a walking, breathing, living legend. What can he himself teach us about greatness?

Let’s look at his back story first. Although his father played for 16 years in the NBA. Stephs natural ability was over shadowed by his stature for years. Although he could produce. Top schools never called to recruit him because he simply didn’t fit the status quo “size” of a typical player. This leads us to the first of our Stephtips to greatness.

What Steph Curry can teach us about Greatness


1. You can defy the odds.

The NBA was founded on June 6, 1946. The gates to enter this organization are guarded very closely. Guarded by regulations, standards, and expectations from the organization and diehard fans. Mr.Curry shows how companies and people can be prisoners to their own perspectives and biases. People constantly judge what they think you can do by how you look. They are kept from recognizing uniqueness because their trained prejudice or “expertise” won’t allow their minds to wonder outside the criteria box that the system has taught them to look from.

What I’ve personally taken from Mr. Curry is that you are the exception to the rule. You can in a sense, defy their gravity. You are good enough. It may take some tweaking and expanding to get better. But YOU ARE meant for your calling. Give it time and you’ll fill out. Because although he was short and scrawny. In one year Steph curry exploded to 6’3”. At that point he not only looked the part. But what he did behind the scenes helped him surpass their expectations. Those shadow moments served as a platform for Mr. Curry to build himself in the dark. Steph tip number two addresses these moments.


2. Recreate Yourself

Although Steph was hurt by the constant rejection. His remedy was to make his skill so outstanding that how he looked wouldn’t even matter. So he decided to tear himself down and start from scratch. In his junior year Mr. Curry still shot from his waist to gain extra strength to make his shots. But to go the next level he needed to shoot properly with his arms and elbows. This meant abandoning the shot that got him to star status amongst the high school elites. He understood this.To achieve greatness. Change is a necessity and not a luxury.He did it at a high cost. There were times he couldn’t make a shot for a while. Moments where his brother saw him outside crying because he felt so discouraged. But Steph persisted. Let’s fast forward to now. Stephen Curry is the standard for amazing. He is undoubtedly the best sharpshooter of this generation and arguably of all time.

Here’s the question. Are you willing to totally reconstruct yourself? To be great, cosmetics won’t work. Simple makeovers disqualify you. Stephen shows us that digging deep, tearing it all down and doing the foundation work is necessary to qualify one for that upper echelon success in your chosen craft.

What does this mean for you? Your mentality has to be assessed and challenged. Your attitudes must be addressed. Any part of your being that is programmed against success has to be uprooted. Even if that particular thing has served you relatively well. Remember the biggest enemy of great is not bad things. But its good things.


3. Handling Injuries.

There’s a point in everyone’s life where weaknesses are exposed. Failures and fears creep in. The point where you are hurting and can’t do anything at all but sit and heal. We are talking about injuries, and Mr. Steph Curry has had his share. Known for his paper thin ankles. He has been on the injured list quite a bit. These kind of injuries can take a toll on your confidence and ability to perform. Imagine sitting in a chair. And every time you sat in this particular chair it broke. You would not trust it. It’s the same thing with injuries to the body in this sport. Everything is about form and position. And trust me ankles play a major part in a shooters ability to keep form, create, and make shots. Steph has had these injuries and has come back from them as if they never happened. He carries himself with such confidence as if he’s not in the least bit concerned with it happening again.

How’s does this correlate to our lives? Well, we all get injured. Some with sicknesses, loved ones suffering, death of a loved one, broken promises and relationships, business failures, etc. Your ability to handle the injuries effectively makes the difference between you being successful and you being forgotten.


4. Stand by what you believe in.

In today’s society people are afraid of their own shadows. Thanks to CNN (Constant Negative News). The irony is, we live in a “free country” with “free speech.” But the price of freedom of speech is public backlash and ridicule. It seems like people study on how to negate and twist everything you say. Like who goes around looking to be offended. But since there is so many fearful people. Bold people like you, myself, and Steph Curry stand out like a pig on an alligator farm.

Some athletes wear their lucky socks. Michael Jordan wore his college team shorts underneath his Chicago bulls uniform. Steph Curry wrote his favorite scripture (Philippians 4:13) on all of his shoes before each game. This is very bold. Considering how society does a lot to censor and shun religious beliefs. This has served Mr. Curry in a major way because now he doesn’t have to write it on his shoes anymore.

Companies began to see his growing popularity and wanted him to market their products. So as expected the leading sports apparel companies did. Nike was a go to bring him aboard. Steph only had one request. “I want my favorite scripture on the shoes.”  Nike said no and gave him a slap in the face offer of 2.5 million per year. But when you know what you stand for there’s no compromise. Stephen walked out on the deal. Under armor offered four million and accepted his request. Nike didn’t see fit to match the offer.So he went with the company that supported his values. Now it’s rumored that under armor’s decision by 2024 is set to be worth 14 billion dollars.

“If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything.” Malcolm X

Knowing who you are and what you stand for is critical to success. Without it you will never be successful. You will never be fixed on your direction. And other people and their criteria’s will define you. Simply because you haven’t defined yourself. So as I reinforce this statement, please understand. Nature permits no holes or empty space. Whatever has no definition will be defined by you or someone else.

In closing, Steph Curry is amazing. Not only serving as an NBA champion. But also as a real world role model. He has defied the odds. Recreates himself constantly especially after devastating injuries. To top it all off he stands for something. Leaving the blueprint as he exemplifies true success.


                                                                                                                            Thanks for reading,

Malcolm Brown

What Steph Curry can teach us about Greatness
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