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4 Undeniable Reasons You Should Never Quit on Your Dreams

Published on July 3, 2013 12:00 AM EST
don't quit ever everyday power

Reasons You Should Never Quit


In today’s world where everyone wants instant results – it is easier than ever to quit. It is easy to think that if it doesn’t come easy to you, it is not for you. It is easy to try something, and then if it doesn’t work out immediately, we can talk ourselves out of the importance or the significance of it.  With that said, if you were to ask any person you admire based on what they have given, gained or done, they will all have a very similar formula for success – they don’t quit.

don't quit ever everyday power

Here are four reasons why YOU should never quit!


Let’s be honest, did you really commit to the result?


Did you really go all the way in? One of my favorite quotes from Les Brown is, “Even if you have all the right keys, the key will not work if you only put it halfway in the lock.” Sometimes we are so quick to quit, so quick to find reasons to talk our selves out of the effort, that we never put the time, energy or concentration into making it work or reaching the goal. When we do that, we are actually creating a habit of selling ourselves short.


Our biggest challenges will always reveal the most important lessons.


You are not failing, you are getting exponentially wiser. Our challenges reveal what our true passions, interests and desires are. Our challenges guide us closer to to who we are by showing our strengths, weaknesses and our greatest potential. Our challenges give our journey meaning.


You have made more progress than you think. 


It is easy to focus on how far we still have to go, but it is much more energizing and fulfilling to recognize how far we have gone already. Focus on the progress you have made. Focus on the small improvements that have happened in various aspects of your life, created from the desire of your goal. Many people never reach their goals because they quit before they had enough time to do so.


If you could receive advice from other people who have done what you are trying to do, they would all tell you the same thing – “it’s possible”.



Take comfort with the idea and fact that many have overcome tremendous events, obstacles, childhoods, economies and relationships and have still been able to achieve their goals. They all knew, and had an unwavering belief that it was possible. You are far greater than your minor and even major problems. Never forger that. Never let the ups and downs of life let you forget how great and powerful you are. It is possible.


I hope this helps! Please share this with your family, friends and colleagues!

Only the best,

Jeff Moore

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