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The 3 Essential Things that Every Relationship Should Have

Published on February 19, 2016 12:00 AM EST
The 3 Essential Things that Every Relationship Should Have

Since February is Valentine’s month, now is a good time to focus on the meaning of your relationships. When you reflect on all your relationships, try thinking about the people in your life who have influenced you the most and why.

Not all relationships are easy

We all want relationships that add to our happiness. Good relationships are best, but not all relationships are easy. Sometimes it is the difficult relationships that force us to be better people because they teach us how to deal with conflict, which in the long run is a benefit. Relationships teach you more about yourself, and can improve your tolerance and understanding of how to work well with others.

The 3 Essential Things that Every Relationship Should Have

Types of relationships

There are many types of relationships: career and business contacts, friends and associates, families, and close personal and/or romantic relationships. All of them affect you in your daily life in different ways and varying degrees.

Impacting everything you do

Relationships have a tremendous impact on everything you do every day. Of course, the ideal situation is to be surrounded by people who enrich your life and help you to be the best you can be while reaching for your dreams.

Here are 3 things you should look for in all your relationships:

1. Honesty and trust

Is your communication with the other person something that is honest and straightforward?  Do you trust them to follow through with any promises they make?  Can you easily communicate and understand that person? Honesty is number one in any kind of relationship, and when honesty is lost, trust flies out the window.

This quality is just as important with online relationships, as with personal encounters. When you connect with someone, there should be an underlying trust that is established right from the start and continues. After all, honesty is essential to the success of any relationship. Honesty and trust go hand in hand to produce positive results.

2. Positive feedback

When you think about the people you interact with everyday, what is the result of your interactions with them? Does the other person give you positive feedback on the ideas you express? Are they open to your thoughts and do they support your actions? Do they seem to work with you, or against you? In all relationships it is essential to look at how spending time with the other person affects you, mentally and emotionally.

Hopefully the other person is someone you enjoy being around because of mutual good feelings. You should be comfortable talking to them or emailing them about anything on your mind. You should be able to spend time with them, and carry on conversations without being uncomfortable. Being with good friends should be as relaxing and stress free as being on vacation.

3. Inspiration and motivation

It is amazing to think about how other people can teach you new things because of their experience. Getting to know someone can open new doors for you. Their thoughts can be a source of inspiration and motivation. This is why it is so important to broaden your horizons and always be open to meeting new people, wherever you go. This applies to online acquaintances as well. They can add perspective that may affect your own ideas. Online connections and social interactions have become an essential part of running any business, equally as important as personal interactions.

New ideas

We all have our personal comfort zones, but only when you make a decision to step outside your comfort zone and find ways to connect with new people, can you find new inspiration. New people you meet can provide ideas and insights that could show you a different point of view. They can also help to motivate you to achieve bigger and better dreams because of the things they have accomplished. We all need someone to admire.

Every relationship you have, changes you in some way, especially close personal and family relationships. Your life is enriched because of all the relationships you have had.

As the new year unfolds, and you take time to reflect upon your close personal relationships, you can find ways to cherish the people who have inspired you. There are many ways to show appreciation for those you love.

Dynamic growth

When you evaluate your own relationships, you may find that the best ones in your life are those filled with honesty, trust, positive feedback, inspiration and motivation.

Your relationships can be the source of daily creativity and dynamic personal growth, which can keep your life moving in a positive direction.

The 3 Essential Things that Every Relationship Should Have
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