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The Top 10 Reasons Why You MUST Travel

Published on October 14, 2015 5:00 AM EST

How can traveling the world expand your personal horizons

Whether your passport is full of stamps or you’ve never left your home state, travel offers something for everyone. Read on to discover the top ten reasons why you should start planning your next — or your first — trip today.

1. You’ll See the World With New Eyes.

When you travel, you leave your usual routine and cares behind you. Exploring a new place is like seeing the world as a child does. Everything is fascinating and you take the time to stop and notice. This fresh perspective can help you return to your normal life with inspiration and clarity. You may find a hard decision easier to make or just have a stronger sense of what matters.

2. Lifelong Friendships Can Be Forged.

Talking to locals or bonding with fellow travelers is a great way to make new friends. Whether you travel as part of an exchange or study abroad program, take part in a group trip or ride a train across Europe by yourself, you’ll meet plenty of people with similar interests. And if your new friends end up living in different countries, that’s simply a reason to plan your next trip.


3. Unplug From Your Screen-Centered Life.

It’s hard to go anywhere without encountering a screen. Most of us carry them around in our bags and pockets, fish them out at dentist’s offices and gas stations, and spend way too much time in front of them at work and at home.

Travel gives you a reason to go outside and engage with your surroundings. Treat yourself to an old-fashioned guidebook and leave your phone off as much as possible. Email can wait — and you don’t want to rack up international data fees anyway.

disconnect from computers

4. Give Your Children an Appetite for Exploration.

Many travel-loving adults took their first trips with parents. The gift of exploration is a lifelong asset for your child. Travel nurtures curiosity and empathy in children, and it gets them physically active. As the harmful effects of screen addiction in children continue to be publicized, real-world experiences are more important than ever, and instilling that at a young age is becoming more crucial.

reasons why you must travel

5. Immerse Yourself in a New Language.

Have you spoken a foreign language since that last required class in high school or college? A trip to a foreign country is a great way to practice or refresh your dormant language skills. Even if you only master enough phrases to find the bathroom and order lunch, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. And native residents are always pleased when tourists make the effort to speak their language.

6. Take Advantage of Time Off.

Whether it’s the space between college graduation and your first job or a life transition such as retirement, travel is a great way to fill your sudden free time, especially if you know it won’t last forever.

You could sit around the house feeling sorry for yourself after a breakup or you could visit a place you’ve always wanted to see. A trip provides excitement and leisure as well as opportunities for personal growth.

free time

7. Enjoy New Cuisines.

Every country is known for its specialties, whether chocolate from Belgium or pasta in Italy. Better yet, you may encounter foods you’ve never even heard of. Tasting new foods expands your palette and gives you recipes to try when you get home. So skip the uniformity of the cruise ship buffet or all-inclusive resort and let your taste buds be your guide to a foreign country.

try new foods

8. Accumulate Cocktail Banter.

Small talk is a necessary yet boring element of parties and other gatherings full of strangers. Spice up your next cocktail party or networking event with stories of your latest adventure overseas. Your conversation partner will be just as glad as you are to skip the usual roster of job title and hometown. And maybe you’ll give the gift of the travel bug to someone else.

9. Challenge Your Limitations.

Afraid of heights? Go zip lining in Costa Rica. Afraid to fly? Surely Hawaii is motivation enough to get on the plane anyway. Travel is a great way to shake up your sense of what’s possible, whatever your fears.

The exhilaration and pride you’ll take in overcoming obstacles will stick with you after your trip. And your story of triumph will make a great illustration of your character at your next job interview.

explore and travel the world

10. You Only Live Once.

When the end of your life approaches, what will you regret? Most of us won’t think, “I should’ve spent more time at work.” But unfortunately many people will wish they’d experienced more. Don’t let yourself be one of them. You only live once, so make it count.

you only live once

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