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20 Things Everyone Should Have On Their Bucket List

Published on October 1, 2016 7:00 AM EST
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Let’s face it: life’s short, and your existence on Earth is getting shorter by the minute. But while there’s little you can do about your life expectancy (save for tweaking your lifestyle to being healthy), there are quite a few things you can – and by all means should – DO before you eventually cash in your chips.

In fact, why not take action right away and make a bucket list of all the fun you’re going to have before you sign off for good?

bucket list travel

Here are 20 bucket list ideas to get you started:

1. Sleep Under the Stars

Sleeping out in the open is an inspiring experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It can also provide you with precious introspective insights and help you reconnect with Nature.

20 things bucket list sleep under stars2. Live in a Foreign Country

Even if you’re not a diehard nomad, you should try living abroad at least ONCE in your lifetime. Moving abroad is a chance to grow on the personal level and step out of your comfort zone.

3. Become a Blood Donor

Donating blood will awaken your sense of humanity, allow you to help a person in need, and win extra mood points that come from the act of kindness. Look up the American Red Cross eligibility requirements to ensure your safety.

4. Grow Your Own Veggies

For a green and healthy change, try growing your own veggies and herbs. Gardening is great for stress relief, and it will also bring platefuls of delectable food to your table.

20 things bucket list grow veggies5. Take a Break from Tech

Take a break from modern tech (e.g. social networks, internet, TV, etc.) and do something you always wanted to do: travel, learn a new skill, meet new people, or renovate your home.

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6. Read at Least 10 Classics

Literary classics are an invaluable source of insights into psychology and history. Make a list of 10 classics you’ve never read and start filling the gaps in your literary background.

7. Get into the Yoga Groove

Yoga is a go-to for stress relief, relaxation, flexibility, and body toning. Try it! It will help you stay at the peak of physical and mental shape – and perhaps even extend your lifespan.

8. Learn to Tango

Tango is passion in motion: you simply have to try it at least once in your life. Find a partner, sign up for a tango class, and learn to express your personality through movement.

9. Compete in a Marathon

Try competing in a city race even if you’re not an avid runner. Enter into a marathon and see it through to the end. That way, you’ll get to shape up and push your endurance limits.

10. Take a Road Trip

A road trip will expand your horizons and break a monotonous daily routine. You can do it alone or with your besties – the only rule is to have tons of fun, explore the world, and enjoy the ride!

11. Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language will boost your brain function, make communication easier during your travels, and earn you the title of a bilingual.

12. Adopt a Rescued Animal

By adopting a pet from the animal rescue, you’ll be giving it a chance at a better, happier, and longer life. Plus, you’ll get all its love in return.

20 things bucket list adopt pet13. Overcome a Fear or Phobia

Your fears might be preventing your from living your life to the fullest. Make a list of your phobias and start dealing with them one by one. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert help if you need one. You’ll get a huge confidence boost and bonus mood points.

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14. Volunteer for Charity

Help out in the local soup kitchen, zoo, animal rescue, or go abroad as a volunteer. The world is hungry for love and care, and even a small act of kindness counts a lot. This is something that everyone should have on their bucket list.

15. Host a Family Lunch

Whole-family lunches are an opportunity to forge stronger bonds with your loved ones. Why not host a relaxed get-together and invite all your first degree blood relatives over for a meal?

16. Cook a Four-Course Meal

Preparing a meal for your family, friends, or yourself will add a few items to your bag of culinary tricks. It will also help you stay on top of your spending and calorie intake.

17. Go Zen in Your Home

Your home shouldn’t just be a place you spend your spare time: it should be your private bubble of comfort, safety, and enjoyment. To ensure an uninterrupted energy flow in your nest, re-do it in line with Feng Shui principles, and you at-home Zen will always be there for the taking.

20 things bucket list zen home18. Carry Out a DIY Project

Making something from scratch feels amazing, and it’s also a smart way to save cash. Make a shelf, wall art, or a paper basket: it’s an easy way to upgrade your DIY skills and claim bragging rights for the masterpiece later.

19. Visit Barcelona and Venice

Venice and Barcelona are capitals of arts and romance, so you should definitely check them out or include them in your bucket list. Don’t forget to note down which highlights you’d wish to visit. What are you waiting for, start saving!

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20. Go Vegetarian or Vegan

Even if you can’t imagine a day without meat, try switching to a plant-based diet for a few days. The experience will open your eyes to all the delicious aromas to be had on an herbivorous menu. Not to mention that it will also help cleanse your body of toxins.

Ready to make a bucket list of your own? Begin right away: after all, you only live ONCE – so make it count.

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