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Things respected people do that you should practice

Things respected people do that you should practice

What is respect and how do people gain it? Respect isn’t and can’t be demanded nor imposed but it is rather earned.

Respect can be earned through various reasons and ways. There are no equations, shortcuts or horcruxes the world’s most respected figures calculated and formulated to gain the majorities’ respect. Some people don’t even need to try to earn it for their actions are the primary source that gain people’s admiration for them.

If you think earning it is difficult, maintaining it is twice as hard. One wrong move and people will start questioning your integrity however, building up the foundation of your bond and cultivating it further is the key to keeping their respect and your bond to them intact.

Things respected people do that you should practice

Respect is vital in every aspect of our daily lives — at work, within the team, in your household, organization, etc. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the pyramid.

To help you become a better person whether it be in your work environment, community, organization, etc., here are things highly respected people do that you can practice daily and be one step closer to becoming the person you want to be.

They always under-promise and over-deliver.

As per an article from Inc., “Respected people never leave you hanging.” This can be observed in everyday situations and places such as a fast food chain or even in airlines (by flight stewards and other airlines staff).

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A simple example on how effective this is would be when you’re in a food chain. Your food hasn’t arrived and the waiting time has already passed. So, you follow-up your order and the staff says it will come in a few minutes and apologized for the inconvenience. In return, the staff brings you a plate of onion rings and fries as an apology and then serves you your order.

Most likely, you’ll feel more than grateful and your boiling temper may have boiled down to cool. What did the staff gained from you? Respect. How and why? Due to his/her action, you now see them differently and admired their quick action to your concern. They under-promised and over-delivered regardless of how big or small the act was, it was admirable. Chances are, you’ll go there more frequently and smile at them or even stir a conversation with them when you encounter him/her.

Highly respected people aren’t just those who are in the top pyramid but can be in whichever part of the pyramid. And these values and traits prominent people practices isn’t limited and exclusive to those in the corporate ladder. Anyone deserves and can earn respect.


They influence others and share their knowledge.

These people aren’t selfish of their success and on how they came to be where they are now. Your knowledge is meant to be shared and transcended to generations after generations. Keeping it to yourself would just be senseless.

So many people thrive to be a great leader but fails to become a good teacher and influencer. Continue to learn new things and open it to everyone involved in the execution of your next great idea and share that experience to people. Who knows you may inspire and may be looked upon by the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, they could be listening to your talks and seminars.

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And not only do they pass their knowledge and influence other people, they help them reach their journey to success and guide them throughout their bumpy trip. It’s always a great feeling to pass on what you learned through every success and especially failures.


They acknowledge everyone.

This aspect is frequently forgotten by those who are already at the top as well as those who still are making their way up. Regardless, don’t forget your roots and keep your feet on the ground.

This can be likely seen through famous personalities who rarely acknowledge ordinary people’s existence and only pays attention to those they only know or find interesting. In the age of social media, responding to a tweet, answering all your Reddit’s AMA or even just acknowledge your existence is difficult for them. Years ago you were just like them, looking up to your inspirations that you now can have a lunch with. Don’t forget how you started and where you were before all the attention and success. Return the favor and give back their restless support by making an effort to recognize them. A simple like to their tweet will make them head over heels.

The same goes when in a small room. Don’t just shake hands with a few people and ignore other people’s presence, greet everyone in the group, smile and look them in the eyes and let your sight catch a glimpse of each and everyone around.

They don’t blame others instead, they look for solutions.

Whether you’re already an established businessman or a successful individual in general, you will still commit mistakes. Don’t go blaming a wrongdoing (whether it be your or not) to other people and more importantly, don’t spark up a new problem instead of coming up with a solution to fix the initial issue.

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Be a leader to them; analyze thoroughly the problem and think of the best solution for it. Don’t be the living toxic in your environment especially at work for you may only influence in a negative way the productivity and and action of others.

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