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Top 10 Life Hacks for Working Students

Published on October 13, 2015 12:00 AM EST

10 Awesome Life Hacks for Working Students

College and university students are faced with many challenges. Adjusting to a roommate and a smaller room means learning new tricks to increase storage space and keep organized. As if that is not enough students need to find ways to stay nourished between meal times and find ways to balance out homework, paper writing and of course their social life. Here are some top hacks from students that have learned the hard way how to make the transition to college a lot smoother.


Uncross Your Wires

No student can live without their electronic and mobile devices. What is college life without music and a mobile phone.  Here’s a dandy hack for keeping all of your chargers neatly in place. Use bulldog clips and attach them to your desk. Use one clip for each charger and your wires will never get crossed again.


Image Source: Popsugar

Increase Your Storage Space

Save valuable drawer space and closet space by attaching shower curtain rings to a coat hanger. You can hang a ton of scarves, and belts on a single hanger and keep them all organized at the same time.  Place one scarf or belt through each ring. The rings make it easy to find and retrieve the accessory you need.

shower curtain hooks as space

Image Source: LifeHacker

Even More…

You can attach one clothes hangar to another to increase space in your closet by attaching them with ring pulls from soda and drink cans.  Double or even triple the number of hangars you can fit in your closet using this hack.


Too Hot To Handle?

For those really hot days you can keep your room cool and comfy but hanging up damp towels in front of your window.  Dish towels work great. They block out the sun and the damp towels add moisture to cool the room.


Increase Your Dorm Fridge Space

There is nothing worse than running out of cold drinks at night when you are trying to stay awake and study. You can increase the space in your dorm fridge for bottle and cans by attaching a bulldog clip to the shelf to hold stacked cans or bottles in place.  It is a neat little trick and will help keep your fridge better organized too.


Project Research

Researching papers and projects eats up a lot of time. You can save extra trips to the library and still get verified scientific resources. All you need to do is visit  This website is a public, free deep research engine that returns the most relevant results from over 300 authoritative science and technology collections. All searches are done in real time.  With advanced search options, strong search parameters and intuitive navigation tools the site is easy to use and provides deep authoritative, verified content unavailable to popular search engines that is taken from deep web collections.



Evernote is the ultimate note taking app. You can clip notes from all types of online research information and create notebooks for each paper or class. Information can be tagged for easy retrieval. You can create task lists and collaborate with other students on class projects all using evernote.



Mindgenius is a great little tool to help you with research, note-taking, planning and organization. It is a mind-mapping app that will help you stay in control of your daily activities and better manage all of the information you have to process.  You can map your way, easily organize and re-organize notes faster. You will save time, increase your efficiency and your productivity so you have more free time to socialize with your friends.


Word Counter For Mac

This app is really helpful for writing assignments.  It will keep track of the number of words and characters you write but it also helps you know how many times you use a specific word in a document. This is crucial to identifying overused words in your document text. It can also help identify consistent use of the passive voice which is important to avoid because it makes reading difficult.


Rescue Time

Rescue time will help you stay focused and efficient. This cool app tracks the time you spend on an online activity or website and logs the tasks you accomplish during a day. You can see how much time you spend reading email, in meetings or on research.  It can send you alerts to let you know when you have spent a certain amount of time on an activity.  With rescue time you can set how long you want to focus on a specific task and accurately measure how you are spending your time.  Rescue time keep you on track and helps you become more efficient by improving your focus and time management.


Going off to college is a big deal and it brings lots of unexpected changes. No doubt you will meet other students that will have their own hacks to share but in the meantime you can get a jump on your college career by implementing these little hacks and tips to make your student life a lot easier. These hacks will help you stay focused on your education rather than on the problems you encounter every day.  Don’t get side tracked by irritating issues.  Check out life hacks for more creative, elegant solutions to life’s little inconveniences.  To increase your organizational, study and productivity skills search for online productivity tools and get familiar with sites like Zoho and Google docs.

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