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Turning 30 And The 30 Amazing Things I’ve Learned About Life

Published on January 11, 2014 12:00 AM EST

Turning 30 And The 30 Amazing Things I’ve Learned About Life

Guest Entry by Thai Nguyen


Turning 30 And The 30 Amazing Things I've Learned About Life


30 is one of those magical numbers. The age of 30 has been the turning point for many historical and religious figures. It’s about 1/3 of our life and a great time to pause, reflect and ask ourselves, what have I learned? And, where am I going? Because what I’m doing today is creating who I will be tomorrow.


Turning 30 And The 30 Amazing Things I’ve Learned About Life


1.      Life is not fair. And that’s a good thing. Because fair doesn’t leave any room for grace or mercy.
2.      It isn’t always the bad choice that we should be concerned about, it’s the good choice that takes us away from the best choice.
3.      Sometimes losing is winning. It’s wise to pick and choose your battles. You can win a battle but lose the war.
4.      Words are powerful. “I love you” can change a life.
5.      Snow falling is always breathtaking.
6.      Every ‘somebody’ was once a ‘nobody.’ Every ‘nobody’ has the potential to become a ‘somebody’.
7.      Lies are like drug addictions, you have to keep feeding them and they just keep hurting you.
8.      You may not change the world, but you can change a world, a city, a community, a group, a single person.
9.      Silence is a great teacher, and often speaks louder than words.
10.     A smile can change someone’s day.
11.     I’ve learned from the homeless man, the former prison inmate, the uneducated, the child, as much, sometimes more, than the university professor.
12.     If the grass is greener on the other side, perhaps I need to start tending more to my own garden.
13.     The sound of children laughing dissolves the darkest of any despair.
14.      We travel to see the beauty of the world and end up seeing the beauty of the human soul.
15.     Time doesn’t heal, people do.
16.     You learn more during the journey than arriving at the destination.
17.     A person’s dogma is his greatest weakness.
18.     It is much better to under-promise and over-deliver, than to over-promise and under-deliver.
19.     Knowledge is painful, but so is ignorance.
20.     My parents were right when they said, “One day you will understand.”
21.     You learn more from a loss than a win. And the most memorable moments are usually from the toughest battles.
22.     Love hurts. Enough said.
23.     Perfection is crippling. “Good enough” makes for progress.
24.     Wisdom builds with age, but so can stupidity.
25.     Sunrises make me smile, sunsets make me reflect. That helps me get through the rest.
26.     You are never really “too busy”, just not passionate enough about it.
27.     I fear success much more than failure. Success requires boldness and courage, it requires a fight. Failure does not.
28.     Mysteries are better accepted than solved.
29.     Running away from yourself is a race that you will always lose.
30.     God is Love. Life is beautiful.


Author Biography:

Thai Nguyen is the founder of The site is dedicated to inspiring millions of young professionals who feel stuck doing what they HAVE to do rather than what they WANT to do. Born in Vietnam, his family fled the country after the war on a boat. After making it to a refugee camp in Indonesia, his family settled in Australia. Thai has been a successful Chef at a 5-Star Hotel and a small café owner in Australia; a private chef at a Boutique Fine-Dining Establishment in Texas; an elite athlete that has competed internationally in Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Fiji, and Australia in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Rugby. He now travels, writes, and speaks for a living – driven and passionate about motivating people to live their dreams! Be sure to check out for some great content to start putting your dreams into reality.


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