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6 Ways That Travelling Empowers You

Published on June 23, 2017 12:00 AM EST
Ways That Travelling Empowers You

Travelling the world isn’t just an excuse to quit that dead-end job and get a tan, while soaking in the culture. The healing qualities that travelling provides on both your mental and physical state is usually the biggest advantage for most seasoned backpackers.

With so many benefits to your long-term health and happiness, booking a flight has never felt easier.

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

6 Ways That Travelling Empowers You

1. More Resilience

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

The challenges you face when travelling, no matter how minor, seem more difficult to resolve when you are in unknown territory.

Whether it is trying to understand the attendant at border control, or simply attempting to buy some fruit from the local market, language and cultural barriers turn into huge challenges that you need to overcome.

You build up a wall of resilience as a result. This strength will stay with you, supporting you in decision-making when you get home.

2. You Become More Open To New Things

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

Opening your mind to new tastes, sounds, sensations, and experiences has incredibly empowering effects. You will experience more opportunities as a result, and be more open to saying YES – leading the way to a new and improved life.

3. You Actually Want To Be Where The Obscurity Is

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

Taking you away from any familiarity and immersing yourself into fresh new cultures is what travelling is all about. The obscurity empowers you, and inspires you for when you get back to normality.

Whether it is inspiration for your home taken from the most interesting accommodation you have visited, or quotes you have heard from a tribal leader you want to live by, embrace it and let it lead you.

4. Completeness and Opportunity

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

You appreciate the importance of every single moment as you notice everything you do to more microscopic levels. You are more aware of your choices and every avenue you can take, eliminating close-minded thoughts you may have had before.

It opens you up to appreciating what you have and the tools you possess. It makes you realize that there is so much time to be productive. You then choose to do things that make you happy and whole.

5. You Will Have a Wide Network All Over The Globe

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

Meeting people from all over the world on your travels inspires confidence, even in the shyest of us humans. Being able to converse and open yourself up to a myriad of other cultures gives you a chance to express yourself to other people and take snippets from everyone else.

6. Discover Yourself

Ways That Travelling Empowers You

Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures can bring out different sides of you. Maybe sometimes it is the frustrated, tired human after a day’s worth of travelling. But it can also be the adventurer who swings from ropes into rivers, and rides a sand board down the side of a towering dune in the Peruvian desert.

Not only does this help you to feel complete, but it destroys the times you felt at a loss, or confused with yourself. Knowing who you are isn’t innate – and most travellers you will meet will tell you that they’re attempting “to find themselves”. Travelling really is one of the best solutions to doing so.

Embracing every second of your travels is a sure-fire way to become a stronger, more solid human being. Although, there is no point chasing that epiphany-type moment, you will generally feel like you have grown and become secure within yourself as an individual.

And of course, you will have a million memories and heaps of new friends in countries all over the world!

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1 Comment

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    Dipak jadhav

    November 18, 2018 at 2:26 AM

    Embracing every second of your travels is a sure-fire way to become a stronger, more solid human being.travelling is also a good health increasing program to get you well being and well lived. Thanks a lot for sharing it. Keep it up.

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