What Nature Teaches Us About Change and Loving Ourselves

Skye McKenzie

Times of change are inevitable.

Change is the basic law of nature.

A seed, when planted, changes and transforms to become something that is strong enough to push up through the dirt and mature into all that it was created to be.

Within that tiny seed is all the potential for it to become something great.

Yet it first has to be planted and go through a process of change and transformation, in order for that potential to be released.

This is the beauty of nature.

Our lives are like seeds.

We will all go through difficult times; times when we feel like we are surrounded by dirt and the effort to escape is unbearable.

These times of change and transformation in our lives are designed so that our true potential can be released.

Unless we recognize this process as a powerful opportunity for us to grow and mature and become all that we were created to be, we will allow our circumstances to control us.

This will cause us to become bitter, discouraged, and depressed.

Times of difficulty allow us the opportunity to look at what we do every day and at who we are, and decide what we want to become.

Here are some things we can do to help us manage these times of transition and become the people we were created to be with grace and poise.

What The Beauty Of Nature Teaches Us About Change and Loving Ourselves

1. Be kind to yourself.

Stop feeling guilty and blaming yourself or others for what has taken place in your life.

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It’s time to stop feeling guilty about the past.

Feelings of guilt and shame are NOT helpful.

Instead of assisting in the process of change, they cause us to become stuck in our negative circumstances.

This makes the process of change much more difficult and more painful than it needs to be.

Set yourself (and others) free.

Allow yourself the freedom to transform into the person you were created to be as you navigate your way through this process called “change”.


2. Find courage.

Do whatever it takes to gain the courage you need to get through this difficult time.

Find the courage to put one foot in front of the other every day until you have walked out onto the other side.

A good exercise is to make a list of the tough times you have been through (and survived) in the past.

Remind yourself:

“If I can do that, then I can do this.

If I can come through that, then I can come through this.”

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.

Find books to read, Ted Talks that inspire you, mentors to motivate you, etc.

Find courage in the serenity and beauty of nature.

Do not lose your confidence.

It is your reward.


3. Stay connected.

Stay in contact with family and good, quality friends.

It is easy to go into isolation during difficult times.

Although it is not a bad thing to have time to yourself to think and reflect, isolation can be debilitating.

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Don’t hide during times of transition.

It is essential that you find people who can bring life and warmth into your life.

If necessary, get out your diary and plan coffee mornings or dinners with family or friends.

Open up your home during these times and invite people in.

Ask loved ones to enjoy the beauty of nature with you.

If you are in a new city or country and don’t have anyone around you, go online and find interest groups that are meeting in your area.

Find the courage to attend.

You will feel better just because you spent time with other people.

(You can also use modern technology to stay connected; a Skype chat with a far-away friend can be very encouraging.)


4. Find peace within.

Make peace with yourself and with the world.

There is a place in which we can live where all things are added unto us; a place of peace knowing that all our needs will be met.

Find that place of peace within and trust a Higher Power to guide you through this difficult time and provide for your every need.

Remember this: trials make our faith indestructible.

Hold on to your faith and seek peace at all costs.


5. Create a plan.

Even the beauty of nature has a plan.

Often during difficult times, it helps to have a plan and a strategy to follow.

Through difficult times, we change whether we like it or not.

So create a strategy and change with intention.

Make a plan of action that will help you move forward and become the person you want to become.

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Staying stuck in your circumstances, feeling miserable about life, will simply prolong any pain you may be experiencing.


6. Take small, achievable action steps.

This is by far the most important.

Take one, small achievable action step each day towards moving out of your negative circumstances, and into a life that you love.

Don’t waste the opportunity life has given you to transform into something beautiful.

Make the most of this difficult time and take the action steps you need to take in order to become the unique person you were created to be.

What does nature teach you?

Like it or not, through difficult times, we will change and become different people.

It is deciding who we want to become, and taking the steps to change with intention, that is the challenge.

The beauty of nature teaches us this.

Skye McKenzie
Skye McKenzie was born in Zimbabwe but considers herself a citizen of the world as she has lived in many countries including South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Singapore and Italy. Skye has a Bachelor of Theology Degree and a Certificate in Trauma Care. She has overcome many difficulties in her life and, through them all, she has discovered much about the process of change. Skye is an author and speaker whose passion is to help people navigate their own times of difficulty and change with grace and poise.
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