What people are saying about Jeff Moore's Life Coaching!
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What people are saying about Jeff Moore’s Life Coaching!

Published on January 23, 2014 12:00 AM EST

Jeff Moore’s Life Coaching

What people are saying about Jeff Moore’s Life Coaching!What people are saying about Jeff Moore's Life Coaching!


What people are saying about Jeff Moore’s Life Coaching!


As some of you saw in my Weekly Newsletter, my mission for January 2014 was to serve 100 people with free intro life coaching calls. The people on my Email and Newsletter List received first priority to the invitation – and the journey has been a truly special one! I have been honored to work with people in 5 Continents and over 20 Countries. What all of my clients have in common is that they are refusing to live life as it is, and want to take ‘it’ to the next level. Plain and simple, they want more!


Clients have identified “it” in various ways:

  • their health
  • their confidence & self image
  • their business (start-up or already established)
  • making a major career move
  • dealing with tragedy
  • setting and reaching personal and professional goals
  • becoming a life coach,  speaker or  an author
  • creating better relationships with their friends, family and spouses

I am so happy I chose this mission as one of my personal and professional goals for the month, because I am so thankful to have met so many amazing people from all over the world, all doing so many different things. It has been a pleasure to build so many real and meaningful relationships, in such a short period of time. Another example of how anything is possible when we put ourselves ‘out there’ and just do it!


OK, enough talking!


Here is what the clients said!


Life Coaching Reviews


Sharon D. –  Hastings, Australia – Speaker | Trainer | Cancer Survivor

Thank you so very much Jeff for offering your services via a one on one phone call. There were certainly no strings attached with this offer and that is indeed refreshing. This call has given me a most wonderful gift. It has helped to give me the confidence to trust and believe in what I feel and think and to go with it.  Also to explore my ideas further and act on them. Hope is indeed right beside me as I travel down my path and no matter what, will never leave me.  Now, to put my ideas into practice.


Ben L. – New York, NY – Chef | Entrepreneur | World Traveler

Just finished my first session with Jeff and what a way to start the day!  Not only was I inspired and excited for my day, but I also gained insight into what thoughts and processes will help me feel that way in the future.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and I can’t wait for my next session to build on the base we created.  Thanks Jeff!!


Margaret J. – Maryland, United States  – Educational Director | Workshop Leader

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in that awesome and inspiring coaching call! I  had not known what to expect with the call and I wondered if there was going to be any real information or if it would be mostly sales oriented. I was pleasantly surprised. The call was 100% content with no fluff. We delved right into the work and I looked up 45 minutes later to find that I had a plan ready to implement. I completed the call equipped to move my business forward expeditiously and with confidence. I will be working with you again soon!


Isaac M. – British Columbia, Canada – Speaker| Corporate Business

Today was the first day I truly understood what freedom there is in having a life coach, thank you. As a Manager and a writer I always thought I had enough to coach myself but our strategy session opened a new world and the importance of a life coach, it was the best 45 mins I ever spent. I cannot say thank you enough, nice doing life with you Jeff, we sure have new heights to scale together.


Traci D. – California

My call with Jeff was a conversation filled with aha moments, passion and energy. Jeff listened and was able to easy perceive the common thread weaving through my goals. Priceless insight gainedAgain, thanks so much for minutes spent with me and also sharing your story and your day. Your passion is contagious and inspiring.  I left the call thinking ‘ That’s how I want to feel and sound’.


Jacqueline A. – Toronto, Canada – Author| Marketer | Life Coach

I can’t find the exact correct words to describe how AMAZING the coaching session with you was! You wouldn’t believe how inspired and empowered I feel after talking with you. Not only your words were so wise, but also your energy is so positive and strong that I could feel it through Skype. Another great thing I got from this session is that by listening to myself tell you my story and what I believe my purpose in life is, I now believe it even more, and I feel more self-confident. THANK YOU Jeff!!!!!!!!! 


Rehema A. – Kigali, Rwanda – University Student

It felt good talking to you. It was as if you were there with me and pretty much looking deep within me and feeling what I felt. I did realize I was carrying a lot of baggage and the one thing I remember you asking that stuck with me was, “What if I let that baggage go? What would my life look like then?” That has stuck with me! Thank you Jeff! 


Sarah H. – Utah, United States | Travel Advisor

Hi, my name is Sarah H. and I live in Utah. I was privileged to speak to Jeff on a “30 minutes” free coaching call. I fully expected a phone call of 90% advertisement for his program and 10% of light coaching. Instead I got 1 hour of intelligent questions, listening and some great advice with homework! I highly recommend anyone to take the opportunity and take the call. It might be exactly what you need to do what you’ve been dreaming of doing. Thanks Jeff! 


January is booked and I am on pace to reach my goal of 100 free intro sessions for the month!  Once again, I thank YOU ALL for that!


A Free coaching session with absolutely no strings attached will help you define how you want to go on in your life from this moment on. Are you looking to improve your health and confidence?  Do you want to create a powerful vision and action plan to get your business off the ground or take your current one to a higher level? Do you want to change careers and need clarity on how to navigate that difficult road? Are you trying to change your personal story from victim to victor?  If you want MORE from life and are refusing to live it just as it is—then you are here for all the right reasons!


You have nothing to lose with the free intro session and all coaching packages are fully customized to meet your needs and to help you reach your dreams!


Nothing but the best,


Jeffrey I. Moore

Founder of Everyday Power Blog and My Everyday Power

Life Coach, International Educator & Motivational Speaker

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