Odd Jobs You Never Knew Successful People Had
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What They Did Before They Were Famous: Odd Jobs You Never Knew Successful People Had

Published on May 5, 2019 12:00 AM EST
What They Did Before They Were Famous Odd Jobs You Never Knew Successful People Had

What They Did Before They Were Famous: Odd Jobs You Never Knew Successful People Had

When we see images of celebrities in the world of business or entertainment, we usually see carefully crafted pictures with these famous people perfectly made up and ready to face the media. It can be hard to imagine that many of these people have very ordinary backgrounds, and that they have worked many ordinary jobs before becoming famous. However, it is important to remember the humble backgrounds of successful people, because it serves as a reminder that people can start from modest beginnings and accomplish great things. Here are some odd jobs of celebrities you probably know and admire.

John Paul DeJoria


What They Did Before They Were Famous Odd Jobs You Never Knew Successful People Had

Chances are, you know John Paul for the Paul Mitchell line of hair care products that he launched, or for his high-end spirit, Patron tequilla. John Paul has been appearing in advertisements hawking his products for several decades. In spite of this, many are unaware of his background. John Paul is the son of immigrants and his first job was selling Christmas cards, and Newspapers at the age of ten. The work that he did, helped him learn to support his family.

Oprah Winfrey


Oprah, as it is well known grew up dirt poor. Her first job was as a grocery store clerk. From there, she worked at a local radio station delivering news. It was the latter job that would lead Oprah to her career as a broadcast journalist, a well-known, Chicago based talk show host, and ultimately the one woman juggernaut that she had become.

Cindy Crawford

Many kids who grew up in the midwest in the seventies and eighties have fond memories of making money detassling corn. Unbeknownst to many, this was Ms. Crawford’s first job before she ever walked down a runway or graced the cover of a magazine.

Hugh Jackman


Hugh is known as both a film actor and a Broadway star. One of his most famous roles has been his portrayal of ‘Wolverine’, in the X-Men movie franchise. This character bears little resemblance to one Jackman played before he became famous. In his younger days, Hugh Jackman was ‘Coco the Clown’. He provided the entertainment at children’s birthday parties.

Warren Buffet


Today, Warren Buffet is one of the world’s most well-known billionaire, business moguls. He earned his fortune by making savvy investments. When he was a child, Warren Buffet was a door to door salesman who sold Coca Cola and chewing gum to his neighbors. His business savvy, however, was present even as a child he declared his watch and bicycle as tax deductions when he filed his first tax return.

Stephen King

20 Nov 2013, Hamburg, Germany --- epa03958613 US witer Stephen King onstage during the presentation of his new book 'Doctor Sleep' at the Congress Centrum in Hamburg, Germany, 20 November 2013. EPA/MAJA HITIJ --- Image by © MAJA HITIJ/epa/Corbis

While he worked to become a famous writer, Stephen King toiled away as a high school janitor. The job wasn’t a complete waste of time, however it is where he became inspired to write the opening scene of the movie ‘Carrie’. Of course, Stephen wasn’t the only writer with an interesting job before he became well known.

Ellen Degeneres


Ellen has been known since the eighties as a stand-up comedien, actress, gay rights advocate, and talk show host. Before she became famous, Ellen held a variety of jobs. These include oyster shucker, and door to door vacuum sales person. Her shortest stint at any job was a half day at a glove factory.

George Lucas


If it wasn’t for a nearly tragic car accident several decades ago, the Star Wars movie franchise might have never come to fruition. George Lucas’ original career goal was to become a famous race car driver. He pursued this dream by participating in illegal car races. He decided to pursue a different career after flipping his car in a late night race.

What They Did Before They Were Famous Odd Jobs You Never Knew Successful People Had
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