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What to Pack to Record Impressive Videos While Traveling

Published on December 6, 2013 3:12 PM EST

Recording impressive videos while traveling can be challenging, and packing the right gear will go a long way to help make it possible. That being said you don’t want to pack too much gear, else you’ll be lugging around a bag that weighs a ton.

That is why it is best to focus on the basics, and knowing what gear you need to pack to record impressive videos will be a good start.


The Camera

Don’t place too much importance on the camera, and in most cases if you have a decent camera you should just use what you have. If you have options that you can choose from, then either a good light action camera or a mirrorless camera may be a good choice.

For example you could look at the range of GoPro cameras that are available nowadays as they’re generally regarded as some of the best around.

Essential Gear

To make it easier to record impressive videos on a trip, there are several pieces of essential gear that you may want to take with you:

  • Portable travel tripod stand

A good portable travel tripod stand is great to have with you, light, and will help you to keep your camera steady while you’re recording. Nowadays there are many variants available, so you should shop around for one that fits your camera and lets you pan or tilt as required.

  • External microphone

If you’re planning to record not just the sights but the sounds on your trip – a good external microphone is a must. Typically a portable shotgun microphone is a good option, though if you want to record audio commentary at the same time as the video then a lavalier microphone may work too.

  • Video lights and reflectors

The lighting conditions aren’t always going to be good when you travel, and getting a decent video light as well as a reflector can help. Both come in several portable and travel-friendly variants, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding options that are light and can be packed easily.

  • Backpack or case

Normally when you’re traveling it is best to pack all your gear in a hard case so that it is protected. That being said you’ll want a backpack later to make it more convenient to carry the equipment around. Just make sure that whatever you choose is able to fit all the gear you are taking with you – and is waterproof as well.

As you can see while some of the options listed above are a bit situational, each has an important role to play in helping you record better videos.

Other Accessories

Aside from the essential gear listed above, there are other accessories that are also important, such as:

  • A laptop or tablet that you can use to review or edit the footage that you record.
  • Portable storage such as SD cards or an external hard drive that you can transfer videos to so that your camera doesn’t fill up.
  • Spare batteries for your camera and anything else that uses them.
  • Universal adapters if you’re going overseas and the plug points are different.
  • Cleaning kit and tools to make sure your camera and lenses are kept clean.

Being able to review your videos as you record them is important, and if you can edit and compress them you’ll find that it helps with storage as well. For example you could use Online Video Converter to do that, and won’t need any additional software.

Armed with the right gear should make recording impressive travel videos much easier. Just be sure that you come up with a checklist and make sure you’ve packed everything before you depart.

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