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Why a Customer Focused Attitude Guarantees Your Success

Published on February 7, 2013 4:09 PM EST
customer service

The customer is KING; they used to say. However, with the ever-changing techno sphere and the increase in customer expectations couple with the cut-throat competition in the market alongside the scarcity of resources and the outright lack of brand loyalty, never before in history has business been pushed to reinvent themselves over and over again to keep up with the changing times.

Consumer experience and expectations are at an all-time high in the Globe. Many quality options of the same brand continue to influence Fast paced consumer habits, and thus loyalty to a “particular brand” is a thing to read about in past marketing journals and books.

customer service

For a business to stand the test of time and the wrath of “280 characters” on the world wide web, it must break barriers and must remain relevant. To do this, it must reinvent itself over and over again; it must offer “magic,” it must be consumer focused at the click of a button and the start of the experience all the way through the end.  

Just as Avacare Medical CEO Steven Zeldes puts it: “We are really equipped to be the kind of store that customers will desire”

Why is it essential to put the customer first?

Customer satisfaction is demonstrated through the consistency of the brand and the elasticity to accommodate the consumer’s demands and the ability to demonstrate grit amongst competing brands, a personalized touch and going the extra mile for the consumer.

Organizations that ‘put the customer first’ are commonly referred to as customer-oriented, customer-driven or customer-focused businesses. They are oriented towards serving the client’s needs and measure customer-satisfaction levels to determine the success of their business.

An organization needs to continuously change and adapt to their customer’s ever-changing needs and wants, failure to do so leads to loss of business to competitors

Businesses that continue to dominate customer-satisfaction results despite the emergence of intense competition with an arguably stronger product or service offering and extensive marketing campaigns, is mainly because they understand what people want, and effectively satisfies their wants through its products or service offerings.

In the 21ST Century, customer-focused brands must exhibit the following traits:

Invest in the Employee:

In every company, the staff is the first consumer of the product. An exceptional company will spend time recruiting the right people then sell the vision and passion of the brand to the staff as you allow them to contribute towards improving the brand.  

Your staff are the first consumers of your customer experience, and to be able to sell it to the customer they must be entirely sold to the brand, this can turn an average company to the top-selling brand name in the streets.

Also read these customer service quotes that will change your perspective on customer satisfaction.

Leadership from the Top:

A company is only as good as its top management. 

The most successful companies on the globe today savor from the benefits of directional leadership as opposed to the traditional “red tape” traditional bureaucratic rules. 

It is essential for management to embrace “reverse mentorship and leadership” whereby the older generation can tap into the junior or younger staff to learn millennial trends, the ever-changing technological advancements and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

To Market or not to Market

Ever spent the day harming the words to a song from an advertisement? 

Marketing has evolved as customer loyalty has dwindled due to the increase in the options in the market. Brands have been forced to transition from the catchy songs to knowledge-based content that will inform the customer experience.

Trust in a product must be dramatic and demonstrated differently and instantaneously. 

Think Long Term

The business must embed Customer experience in its DNA. The management and the staff must breathe life into it and water it for the long haul.

The brand must envision how the customer experience shall develop and grow organically over time allowing for adjustments such as improved technology on the brand and competition from similar brands. 

The business must be able to adapt and change to the customer changing needs and requirements.

Promise and Delivery

In the age of online shopping, many at times, your delivery does not match the product advertised on the website. Integrity is key. It is fundamental for a consumer-focused business to make good on its claims which is the bedrock of a working business model.

A brand that cares about the consumer delivers on its promise.

Feed Back

Growth in business is not inevitable and is sought after with vigor. Feedback drives grow. Feedback allows for evaluation and monitor of the companies modus operandi. 

Feedback allows for honesty. Any business should allocate a budget line for feedback as this will inform future decisions most likely change the trajectory of growth.

Easy to do business with

As a brand develops its personalize consumer experience, it is prudent to factor in the ease of doing business. It is informed by how the market perceives the brand, how they deal with consumer expectations and how they solve consumer issues. 

One is more likely to be a repeat customer if their experience is personalized and focus towards retaining the interest of the consumer.

Customer focused attitudes will guarantee success by finding and developing the right people, consistent branding and rebranding, cultivating a culture of excellence and the reputation to deliver on their promise.

Collaboration between Strategy and Customer Service

Strategy experts come up with ideas that sometimes comes with misunderstanding. Without seeking opinion outside their circles, the strategy team may use a wrong industry word in a campaign to promote something with a negative association to customers. 

Customer service can assist the strategy team to fine-tune their broad concepts to ensure everyday language is used and easily understood by the customer.

This collaboration results in strategy efforts that resonate more strongly with current and prospective clients and eventually business success and growth opportunities.

Acknowledging and Rewarding Customer

Thanking your customers for the business that they give you, for using your products and service year-in and year-out could be through a simple “thank you message” via social media or speak to your clients and get to know them.

You can also reward customers by offering discounts, sales or rebates, running promos, throwing a party, running a contest with a valuable prize 

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