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5 Reasons to Spend Money on a Stranger

Published on May 5, 2019 7:00 AM EST
5 Reasons to Spend Money on a Stranger

We build our personal/business network by giving. From our time to our talents, there’s nothing like sharing what you have to those who need it. But for some, one of the hardest things to part with is hard-earned money.

Want valid reasons to give money to people you don’t know?

5 Reasons to Spend Money on a Stranger


Here Are Five Good Reasons To Give Money To a Stranger

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks…everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki

1. “GIVERS GAIN is a Standard, Not a Sword”- BNI Founder Dr. Ivan Misner

Givers Gain is a philosophy based on the law of reciprocity. In the context of networking groups, people who adopt this philosophy dedicate themselves to giving business to their fellow networkers, rather than making their foremost concern getting business for themselves.

In doing so, other people naturally become eager to repay their kindness by sending them business in return. Givers Gain is a great way to live life in general. It is a standard that we can all apply to ourselves – the keyword being “ourselves“; it is NOT a sword to be pointed at others who may not adopt the philosophy.

I am the past president of a local Fresno, CA BNI (Business Networking International) chapter. One of the major points of meeting together on a weekly basis was to share “leads” with the other members, expecting nothing in return.  When networking groups function in this manner, the group as a whole wins.

Our chapter was a very strong group that focused on educating the group and getting better and better on how to give a proper referral. If you want to strengthen your network, group, organization, focus on educating those around you on proper techniques, beginning with the “Givers Gain” attitude.

2. “Begin each appointment with a gift”- from the book The Little Miracles:  A Journey to Financial Freedom, by Melvin Kaufmann

Mel recommends giving a business book, inviting and paying for a coffee meeting, lunch, dinner, etc.  If you are going to give a gift, he also recommends that you gift wrap it. I think that is a very nice touch and will show your new friend/prospect that you really care.

You don’t always have to give money – literally. A “gift” can be a referral to another business or person. This costs you nothing and your acquaintance will be surprised and thankful for it. This should be done with expecting “nothing” in return.  

I personally love giving a gift up front and in the beginning of any relationship. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t be delighted to receive a beautifully, nicely wrapped gift. I enjoy giving a great book to others.

Other nice gifts people seem to enjoy receiving are beautifully wrapped candles, chocolates, cigars, a gift certificate to their favorite coffee house, etc. These types of gifts do not have to “break the bank“.  You can really do a lot on a budget when necessary.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”- Anne Frank

3. Show that you are serious about getting to know someone.  

For 42 years, my husband has been a Financial Advisor. Even though I was raised to be a giver and not a taker, I have learned a lot from him regarding building a network and a great business.

Whenever we are in a bar or restaurant and run into a current client, prospect, or an acquaintance whom we would like to know better, we always send a drink or bottle of wine to their table.  Sometimes, we even pick up their whole dinner tab.

By sending something to someone’s table, they eventually make their way to OUR table to thank us for the nice gesture. In this manner, we get to meet/get in front of those that we may have not otherwise had the opportunity.

In business, favorable introductions are key. I believe this has led to our being a very powerful couple in our community known for always giving back. If you want to give money, it can be in the form of gifts or nice gestures. Giving is a great way to build your professional brand and reputation.

give money

*MEETING KENNY LOGGINS: My husband and I met Kenny Loggins in a restaurant at Chukchansi Indian Casino, where he was giving a concert that night. We were dining at the steakhouse prior to the concert and so was Kenny. We sent a very nice bottle of wine to his table. Before we knew it, Kenny Loggins was standing at our table, thanking us for the bottle of wine.

4. It makes you feel good. It is good for you.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  

Giving can be done in many ways – you don’t always have to give money. You can volunteer for local charity events in your community, which has all kinds of valuable lessons attached to it.

Everyone wins. The charity wins by having your volunteer hours. The participants win because you are there serving the event. YOU win because it makes you feel really good to give. As a bonus, you may meet valuable professionals you have been intending to meet but did not have the chance to.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”- Winston Churchill

5. Create more WOW moments. Leave them saying “WOW”, asking how, why, or I want to know more?

This can be weaved into your daily life. Sometimes it requires planning; but with time and experience, you can get really good at “giving” or creating those “WOW” moments. Always be looking out for those opportunities. They appear more than most people are aware of.

Here are a few examples of utilizing your current relationships with your clients. This would include them inviting their friends to a WOW event. Your client would be grateful to you, and they will look good in the eyes of their friends during your WOW event:

  • Wine and chocolate pairing event
  • Scotch and cigar pairing event
  • How to make the perfect cup of coffee event
  • Events created around certain holidays
  • Golf Driving Range and Beer event
  • Fashion and Wine event

You don’t have to give money or spend a lot on an event to make it successful. The friends that your clients invite will be extremely impressed, and you will have the time to really get to know them. There should be NO “sales” presentation given – just an event where everyone has a great time. 

If you do some great planning, you can carry this group across multiple events. By the end of the year, you will have added many solid relationships to your personal network. Who knows? Maybe they will eventually become your client in the future.

“Only by GIVING are you able to receive MORE than you already have.”- Jim Rohn

Featured image credits to 401(K) 2012 via Flickr.com, Under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

5 Reasons to Spend Money on a Stranger
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