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Why Luck Can Be More Important than Success?

Published on June 19, 2016 5:00 AM EST
Why is Luck More Important than Success?

Luck and success – we often hear about the two concepts in relationship to each other. We are so focused on getting what we want and being successful that we often forget about everything else in life that matters. Luck and fate play a major role in everything that happens to us. We forget that everything in life happens for a reason. Call it luck, call it divine intervention… Accepting what life has in store for us instead of fighting hard leads to missed opportunities (that could have turned in a success). As you can see, pushing too hard creates a vicious cycle and breaking out of it may be very difficult, even impossible.

Why is Luck More Important than Success?

What is Success?

Before answering the question why luck is more important in life than success, it may be a good idea to attempt defining success.

Why is Luck More Important than Success?

Most people see success as a straightforward thing – fame, money and a good job are perceived by many as the ultimate expression of victory in life. Focusing on such superficial things, however, puts too much emphasis on the material. Chances are that you know many people who are rich, who have a perfect job but who aren’t happy. Those people will tell you that having millions of dollars and being successful aren’t the same thing.

Various celebrities and entrepreneurs have called for a redefinition of the narrow way in which we understand success today. Money and power don’t matter in the long run. Family, meaningful relationships and self-fulfillment tend to play a much bigger role when it comes to experiencing joy and knowing that we’ve done something truly spectacular with our lives.

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What Aspects of Your Life are You in Control of?

The next rather important concept we need to take a look at is deliberate action vs. pure luck. How much of your life is the result of deliberate actions on your behalf? Are your job, your relationship and the conveniences you enjoy right now entirely based on the things you did? Even if you’ve worked really hard to get to where you are, chances are that luck has also played some role in shaping up your life.

Everything in life is characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity. Even if you have the power to control some of the variables, there’s a lot that you simply can’t predict.

This is the main reason why instead of fighting hard, you should simply embrace uncertainty. Embracing uncertainty is the same thing as giving your luck a chance, it only sounds scarier. While there’s some risk of failure, it’s also possible for the uncertainty in your life to bring you a great success.

Once again, it’s easy to see how luck plays a role in just about every aspect of life. As human beings, however, we’re afraid of the unknown. That’s a natural response, a protective mechanism. It, however, stands in the way of unleashing our full potential and making use of what fate has in store for us.

Understanding the Role of Luck in Our Lives

What differentiates super-successful people and products from just about everybody and everything else? Sure, they all have some qualities. The answer, however, may come as a surprise. Very often, amazing accomplishments are the result of pure luck.

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Why did 50 Shades of Grey – a more or less (let’s stick with more!) mediocre book become such a huge commercial success? The answer is luck! Proper timing, a topic that many ladies were secretly curious about and a bit of momentum have all turned a product that doesn’t really stand out in one of the biggest hits of the respective year.

Most people have a very hard time accepting the importance of luck. The reason for the reluctance is simple – it diminishes the importance of personal agency. Once a change in thinking takes place, however, it also becomes possible to embrace luck for everything that it brings in our lives.

The example presented here doesn’t apply solely to super-successful products. It’s valid for nearly every aspect of life.

Just think about it – are you in a meaningful relationship because of the things you’ve done or because you’ve met the right person at the right time? If circumstances were different (let’s say either one or both of you were in a relationship at the time), chances are that the story would have had a different end.

This doesn’t mean you should simply give up and wait for life to throw something your way. It’s simply important to refrain from attempting to control everything. Once you accept the fact that you aren’t in charge of every aspect of your life, you’ll end up being happier and embracing a bigger number of opportunities.

Keep on Growing as a Person

Luck can have a positive impact on your life, especially if you keep working on yourself. Developing your talents, discovering new passions and building meaningful relationships are all going to take you in certain directions. You can’t simply stay in the same place and expect something to change as a result of fate.

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What is most important in life? Should you attempt to be successful at all costs or should you allow luck to play a role in making you who you are? The secret to happiness is working hard and also being grateful for the opportunities that you’ve gotten. A humble approach and being open to the world can take you to places you would have never expected to go. Don’t make success your main priority. Live your life to the fullest, as clichéd as this may sound, and you’ll experience the satisfaction that everybody dreams about.

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