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Why Learning Finance With Videos Is a Good Idea

Norbert Juma, Lead Editor
Published on December 16, 2019 8:55 AM EST
learning by video

The finance industry is evolving almost constantly. Marketing strategies, communication methods, and daily operations are changing rapidly as technologies emerge and best practices are revised. Social media has brought about a revolution in many fields, and it has created a wealth of opportunities for those wanting to increase their knowledge of the finance industry.

If you count yourself among these, take heart. Today, you can learn about finance through watching videos. There are multiple ways videos can help you learn about finance and investment. First, though, you need to understand why video learning is a great option.

learning by video

Benefits of Videos

People seem to love watching videos. There are four main reasons why this particular medium is so effective.

1.      Videos are instant attention-grabbers. According to a study by Demand Metric, about 83 percent of today’s marketers believe in the increasing power of video. Videos are a natural for a teaching medium because they are so compelling.

2.      Videos quickly evoke emotions that written marketing content often fails to engender. Viewers are able to actively connect with videos. This means a well-made video is a good tool for sharing knowledge.

3.      Videos are perceived as more valuable than text. Teaching videos are often posted by people who currently excel in good marketing strategies and are knowledgeable in their particular industry, be it finance or something else.

4.      Videos make material understandable and clear, as they are both an audio and visual presentation. Finance is a complicated subject, and as such, learning about it through videos is a solid way to increase your knowledge in this expanding field.

With all of these advantages, it is not surprising that videos are becoming a popular way to learn about the finance industry.

Videos Break Down Complicated Subjects

The umbrella term “finance” involves a number of different sub-genres.

•        Investments

•        Reading financial statements

•        Interpreting data and analytics

•        Ratio analysis

•        Debt

•        Politics and finances

Even if you want to get well versed in the world of finances, the thought of diving into so much data can seem daunting and even overwhelming if taken all at once. However, if you break data into increments, you will perceive the task as more achievable.

Focus on learning one subject area at a time before moving to another. You can find videos focused on particular topics, such as the finance-related Fisher Investments educational videos. Such videos offer brief presentations that make the information manageable and easy to remember. From this foundation, you can build a solid structure of financial knowledge. Make sure you choose knowledgeable, reputable sources for your videos. Learning about finance from an asset manager like Fisher Investments makes more sense than turning to a general internet site like Wikipedia.

You Can Rewind

When you begin learning about the world of finance through videos, you need not worry about missing something. If a point presented on a video seems unclear or particularly difficult, you can rewind and watch it as many times as you need to completely grasp that concept. People have different learning styles, and videos make it easy to learn in multiple ways at your own speed.

Videos Are Portable

You can learn anywhere you can watch a video. If you have a smartphone, you can watch videos on YouTube while on the bus or subway or on a lunch break. Video learning fits into the busiest schedules because you can do it practically anywhere and whenever you have time.

Videos Offer Deeper Comprehension and Cognition

Videos present information in three formats.

•        Text

•        Images

•        Sound

This multi-sensory approach creates more cognitive relationships and promotes deep thinking. As complicated a subject as is finance, videos like those presented by Fisher Investments, Khan Academy or can help you remember the information longer and more completely.

Ultimately, the key to learning is to comprehend and remember the information presented to you. The area of finance is multi-faceted and complex, but videos on the internet can break this subject down into specific topics, making it easier to learn. The more you truly understand and take in facts and data about various aspects of finance, the sooner you are on your way to becoming an expert yourself.

learning by video
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