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Why Love Will Always Be An Art

Published on May 30, 2016 8:00 AM EST

Is Love a science or an art? To me, Love will always be more art than science. Why?  Because science is often defined by rules while art is typically based on intuition or ‘a knowing.’ Science is data-driven; art is typically driven by feeling/sensing. Love is not defined by a set of rules. It is an energy generated by the wisdom of your heart and it is the guiding force in your life.

Why Love Will Always Be An Art

What does it look like when your heart is your palette?

There is openness, for the heart doesn’t divide and separate like the mind does.

Life shows up differently when you discover how to listen to your heart.

When you tap into the intelligence of your heart, your whole body expands, opens and even glows. Every cell in your body responds to the radiance of an open heart. The words that describe a heart-focused life are allowing, spaciousness, curiosity, playfulness, spontaneity and trust. As your mind drops into your heart, you begin to value being real, speaking truth, not fighting what is, responding rather than reacting, being curious about your experience, having times of quiet and stillness, not asserting your position, and listening and appreciating your life just the way it is.

When living from your heart, you are automatically open to everyone and you give them the fullness of your presence, whether it is a grocery store clerk, a person next to you in a traffic jam or your loved one.

It doesn’t matter how deeply they are caught by their storyteller mind. It doesn’t matter that they, like all human beings, have done unskillful things in their lives and have maybe even hurt you in their unskillfulness. You realize that they are doing the best they know how while caught in the conditioning of the mind.

You also recognize that the source of every single thing is the same: the Intelligent Presence at the heart of Life. Just as people are like leaves on the tree of Life, all nourished by the same source, so too is every single form. Whether it is a person, a feeling, a thought, a plant, an insect, a rock, grass, a dolphin, a star or your child, all are brought forth out of Mystery and are animated by the same energy, and all deserve to be met with the spaciousness, the inclusion, and the acceptance of the heart.

You are an artist of the heart.

When your creative inspiration comes through the palette of your heart, you swim in a sea of gratitude, not taking anything for granted. You are grateful for everything.

You even discover how to be grateful for the challenges of your life, for you recognize they are clearing your storyteller so you can be fully present for your life. There is no greater joy a human being can know than living from gratitude, and this naturally expands when you see through your stories enough that you live from your heart.

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