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Why You Should Visit Kuwait

Norbert Juma, Lead Editor
Published on May 5, 2019 11:29 AM EST
Why You Should Visit Kuwait

Kuwait, to the outsider, has little significance to its own region – a region less commonly known as a tourist destination.

However, as any seasoned traveler will tell you, every country has something unique and interesting about it; every country, especially countries near the Middle East, have a deep and ingratiating history that still pervades in the lives of the people there today.

Why You Should Visit Kuwait

From a traveler’s perspective, this is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, an entirely new cultural experience awaits them. On the other hand, challenges lay ahead for some to be able to adapt to the social norms there, if even on a marginal, passable level.

Adhering to the cultural guidelines while in Kuwait may dissuade some, but for others, an opportunity to explore one of the oldest countries in the world lies in store.

Visiting Kuwait on a Tourist Visa

Kuwait eVisa forms take only ten minutes to complete. The results of the application are delivered roughly 5 days after the application has been filled, but may take longer, so it’s better not to wait until the last minute.

Responses are sent to the applicant by email, and from there, immigration should be painless, provided you are obeying their country’s laws.

Tips for Women’s Clothes

The official Kuwait government travel embassy suggests dress codes for both men and women, giving a fair amount of leeway to expatriates and tourists. However, the tone of the recommendations suggests that certain revealing clothing could attract negative attention.

The rule of the thumb in these cases becomes, for both men and women, the more skin covered by clothing, the better. As a welcoming gesture, the official site reads, “you definitely need not cover your hair or your face.”

But other sections possess a kind of crass tone: “As a woman, if you want to earn respect, you shouldn’t show cleavage, or have bare shoulders, or wear skirts or shorts that are above the knee level.”

Adhering to these would be wise if only to avoid confrontation. Otherwise, as seen in videos in an around Kuwait and Kuwait City, citizens dress in limited Westernized clothing on a regular basis. Don’t feel obligated, or even compelled, to wear a full burqa. Just don’t show too much skin, either.

Visit Kuwait City

Kuwait City is actually a fairly modern, industrial, and culturally progressive in certain areas. Just like any other tourist attraction, the city has its fair share of art galleries, museums, and memorials. It also contains a striking number of mosques, build with centuries-old Islamic architectural style.

The nightlife has a wide selection of clubs, even though the whole country does not sell alcohol, due to its strongly held religious beliefs. These clubs are centered around music, dancing, eating, smoking shisha, and shopping. This alone provides a unique experience. In a nation entirely without alcohol, rest assured the residents find other ways to blow off steam.

It’s a common sight to see luxuriously sports cars drag racing on a regular street when walking around Kuwait City at night; they seem to have no apparent authorization to do so. Meanwhile, more official races at places akin to an arcade are also a common fixture.

Nightlife locations go above and beyond with innovative party themes, atypical designs; of course, many still bump the loud electronic music. If the travel from Kuwait City is possible, a twenty-kilometer drive to ‘Entertainment City,’ is highly recommended.

It is exactly what the name suggests. Known as “Arab World,”, “Future World,” and “International World,” Entertainment City is a nightlife megacomplex combining elements of a very high-end nightclub, a private pool, and a theme park.

It’s endlessly interesting to witness the convergence of two worlds and the remixes that emerge from everything accommodating to its differences, all within one small peaceful Middle Eastern country.

Why You Should Visit Kuwait

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