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Why your confidence improves after you quit smoking

Published on August 10, 2015 1:18 PM EST
smoking woman

A lot of people tend to call smoking a habit. Habits are not easy to break, yet many people manage to control themselves over time with a bit of willpower and some practice. There are others that rightfully refer to smoking as an addiction. This is a more proper term than any other, mainly because of all the symptoms that come along with smoking. The main ingredient of cigarettes, nicotine, causes both physical and mental addiction which is difficult to overcome, so much so that many people compare it with being hooked to heroin. Lack of nicotine makes a person feel anxious, bad-tempered, unable to focus, etc. A significant downside of smoking, one that we aren’t even able to perceive most of the time, is the lack of self-confidence.

Our discussion in this article is about the ways that smoking affects our confidence, and how quitting smoking boosts our spirit.

smoking woman

Never say NO to sports again

Every dedicated smoker knows how it feels to miss out on game night with friends or colleagues. The tar and other impurities that cigarette smoker inhales cause massive damage to our internal organs, our lungs being the one to take the hardest blow. Numerous scientific analysis and reports have proven the harmful effects of smoking such as reduced lung capacity, fatigue, swollen blood vessels, etc. These symptoms are the main reason why smokers decide to say no when asked to go out for a friendly basketball match or a simple jog around the park.

Scientists agree that after only 2 to 3 months of life without cigarettes, tar and other harmful substances leave our body for good, which improves our lung capacity, makes us more energized, and able to perform physical activities for a longer duration of time. In turn, we become more confident and secure when challenged to take part in sports, jogging, etc.

It’s important to understand that it’s not the nicotine that hurts our lungs, people use modern vape pens which provide them with enough nicotine to settle the addiction while keeping the lungs clear of tar.

Performance anxiety? Not anymore!

This might come as a surprise for some people; however, it’s old news that smoking can harm a men’s erection. In 2014 U.S. Surgeon General added erectile dysfunction to the list of health conditions that could be caused by smoking. The science behind this claim is pure: Once the nicotine hits our brain, it releases fat into our bloodstream. This makes our blood more thick to the point that it can quickly create small pockets of fat which reduce or even block the flow of blood through our vessels. Blood is essential for erection because it is blood that fills the penis, allowing a long-lasting erection.

Once we quit smoking, our blood vessels get repaired due to the absence of carbon monoxide which hurts our veins and arteries. Moreover, our blood becomes less thick and moves through our body without problems. The result is a better sexual function, which boosts our self-confidence when it comes to meeting new potential partners and engaging in relationships. The reason for this is just because most men connect their erectile function with their identity, masculinity, and self-worth.

A side-note, in case you notice any issues with your sexual performance, whether you enjoy cigarettes or use vape pen mods, it would be best to visit your doctor for a checkup.

Young and beautiful again

No matter what we hold within, our physical appearance plays a significant role in our social interaction, the ability to find a job, a partner, etc. Smoking significantly harms our skin, its ability to regenerate, and elasticity, so much so that some studies indicate that smokers appear to be 1.4 the age of non-smokers.

According to the same studies, nicotine withdrawal could be the reason why smokers have troubles falling asleep. Not getting enough rest during the night causes bags under our eyes, which not only show the absence of a good night sleep but they also make us look and feel less attractive. Bad breath, yellow teeth, poor complexion, thinner hair, and many other side-effects of smoking are the reason why we don’t like what we see in the mirror every morning. These symptoms, however, are more likely to appear with persons who smoke regular cigarettes than a person who uses a vape pen or any other alternative. It’s the smoke that causes the vast majority of the issues, therefore vaping could be considered a lesser enemy of our beauty.

The confidence boost that we experience once we get back our natural skin glow, pearly smile and fresh breath merely is immeasurable. It allows people to feel more confident about themselves when they go hunting for a job, meet new people, or merely look at their reflection in the mirror.


There are many aspects of our lives that improve once we get free of the addiction. However, it seems to me that nothing lifts our spirits as the fact that we managed to cope with the problem and overcome all the difficulties that we face while quitting cigarettes. Once we get free of that bond, it seems like there’s nothing we can’t do. It gives us a sense of absolute freedom and control over every part of our life.

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