Alicia Sanchez

Alicia Sanchez lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a successful Fashion Branding Consultant and designer placing her at the epicenter of the fashion industry. Her first preview into the writing world was with an autobiography called - Climbing the Fence: A Journey of Traveling Words. It told a captivating story about the trials and tribulations Alicia faced while growing up in a strict Dominican household. The many obstacles that she has encountered have rendered her an expert on the shortfalls of life.Her love for analogies makes her work relatable and easy to understand. She has been described as a loving and open minded individual who lives life to the fullest and spends a great amount of time helping others survive the journey of life! The Fashion industry has allowed Alicia an interesting outlook on life and all the different paths it can send you traveling down.For more insight on what Alicia Sanchez is all about, feel free to visit her stunningly awesome website at A light hearted social media page which perfectly reflects Alicia’s personality.
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