75 Rod Wave Quotes From the TikTok Musical Sensation

Rod Wave, whose given name is Rodarius Marcell Green, was born on August 27, 1998.

His mother and father raised him in East Cleveland, Ohio, until they separated while he was in still elementary school.

You could say his career started around then too, as he began singing in the first grade.

These Rod Wave quotes are a mix of his song lyrics and comments.

He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, known for his powerful voice and incorporation of R&B and hip-hop musical styles.

Rod Wave rose to fame in 2019 with the help of YouTube and TikTok, and the lyrical genius of his single “Heart on Ice.”

The way he switches between rap and smooth musicality helped the song peak at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

His debut album, Ghetto Gospel, which was also released in 2019, peaked at number 10 on the US Billboard 200.

He released his second album, Pray 4 Love in 2020, and that one did even better peaking at number two on the Billboard 200, It featured his highest-charting song, “Rags2Riches.”

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Rod Wave quotes about love and happiness

1. “I give my heart to whoever they take it and they ran.” — Rod Wave

2. “Ain’t no love in this sh*t for real, they only love what you can do for ‘em.” — Rod Wave

3. “I don’t want no more love. I feel it’s poison.” — Rod Wave

4. “It’s okay to start over, let someone else love you the right way.” — Rod Wave

5. “Remember when I first confessed my love, and I cried?” — Rod Wave

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6. “Life is too short to tolerate stuff that doesn’t make you happy.” — Rod Wave

7. “It’s like people focus on lookin’ happy more than being happy.” — Rod Wave

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8. “If your heart really all mine, why I gotta fight for it.” — Rod Wave

9. “If loving me is hard. I apologize.” — Rod Wave

10. “Anybody can want you, it’s different when someone actually values you.” — Rod Wave

11. “Hurt me to my heart the way I love ended. I blame you, you the reason I don’t trust bitches.” — Rod Wave

12. “You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She’s loved before she may love again, but if she loves you now, what else matters.” — Rod Wave

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13. “Heart been broken so many times. I don’t know what to believe. Mama said it’s my fault I wear my heart on my sleeves.” — Rod Wave

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Rod Wave quotes about God, death, and suffering

14. “God bless the child that can hold his own.” — Rod Wave

15. “I don’t need another broken heart or sleepless night, God bless guide me right.” — Rod Wave

16. “Got me on my knees, I’m askin’ God what’s my purpose.” — Rod Wave

17. “Death gotta be easy cause life is fuck*n hard.” — Rod Wave

18. “The only thing guaranteed is death, and the most valuable thing we have is time.” — Rod Wave

19. “I don’t need another broken heart or sleepless night, God bless guide me right.” — Rod Wave

20. “It takes a strong, strong heart to heal a broken soul.” — Rod Wave

21. “I remember everything, the shine and the struggle. I remember all the pain, all the grind, all the hustle.” — Rod Wave

Rod Wave quotes about life

22. “Music saved my life.” — Rod Wave

23. “Dreams come true, you gotta chase it.” — Rod Wave

24. “Before it gets better, it’s gon’ get worse.” — Rod Wave

25. “What’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy it?” — Rod Wave

26. “If they don’t got a story these days, they’ll make one.” — Rod Wave

27. “Before you get one win, you gotta take a thousand losses.” — Rod Wave

28. “Get some money, travel, see the world, you’ll feel way better.” — Rod Wave

29. “You only live one time, don’t spend it doing something you hate. Chase your dream, kid.” — Rod Wave

30. “Truth hurts, sometimes I sit back and accept the lies.” — Rod Wave

31. “We all wasted The BEST VERSION of ourselves with someone who didn’t give a f*ck.” — Rod Wave

Inspirational Rod Wave quotes to live by

32. “My darkest times taught me to shine.” — Rod Wave

33. “If you’re looking for someone perfect on earth …. you’ll never find them.” — Rod Wave

34. “Just cause they couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t.” — Rod Wave

35. “An apology without change is just manipulation.” — Rod Wave

36. “Don’t let nobody who gave up on their dreams talk you outta yours.” — Rod Wave

37. “They turn they back and they leave you; they gon’ be back when they need you.” — Rod Wave

38. “Just know it’s gon’ get tough, it’s gon’ get rough. But when you’ve had enough, you can’t give up.” — Rod Wave

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39. “First, it hurts. Then it changes you.” — Rod Wave

40. “Nobody’s perfect, just admit you were wrong and get it right this time.” — Rod Wave

Rod Wave quotes about himself

41. “If you think you know anything bout me what you heard just know you way off.” — Rod Wave

42. “My soul ain’t for this generation.” — Rod Wave

43. “I’m moving on in life, so don’t ask me about no old sh*t.” — Rod Wave

44. “Nobody told me the road would be easy. I can’t believe I made it this far, my whole life I’ve been working so hard.” — Rod Wave

45. “I’m obsessed with becoming a better person and getting my life together.” — Rod Wave

46. “Distance is my new response.” — Rod Wave

47. “I get lost in my thoughts.” — Rod Wave

48. “I used to put my headphones in and forget about the whole world. I make music for ppl like me.” — Rod Wave

49. “My heart and brain be thinking 3 different things.” — Rod Wave

50. “Seen so many faces, been so many places, caught some cases.” — Rod Wave

51. “Make every time feel like the first time. Out of my presence but still on my mind.” – Rod Wave

52. “Straight from the bottom. And now we way, way up.” – Rod Wave

53. “Don’t want me to prevail, you don’t need him so leave him.” – Rod Wave

54. “I’m in with the struggle, I’m in with the hustle, I’m in with the problems.” – Rod Wave

55. “But don’t nobody be with ya, when the going get tough. Don’t nobody be with ya, when the going get rough.” – Rod Wave

Rod Wave quotes to understand him better

56. “First, it hurts, then it changes you.” — Rod Wave 

57. “Sometimes, it’s too late to make amends.” — Rod Wave

58. “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” — Rod Wave 

59. “The wider my eyes open, the smaller the world gets.” — Rod Wave

60. “I feel like I’m in this world alone, but this is the life I chose.” — Rod Wave 

61. “You want to be happy? You got to let sh*t go and let sh*t be what it is.” — Rod Wave

 62. “Nobody perfect. Just admit you were wrong and get it right this time.” — Rod Wave

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63. “Even if that sh*t is eating you up inside, you gotta keep it going and move on.” — Rod Wave 

64. “I done been here so many times you’d think I know how to handle it by now.” — Rod Wave 

65. “Be scared to find out what’s what. The ones that let you down be the ones you love so much.” — Rod Wave

Short Rod Wave Quotes

66. “I know that I hurt you. I was a child trying to be a man.” — Rod Wave

67. “I need someone I can run to. Thugs need love too.” — Rod Wave

68. “I’ve been looking for the right kind of love.” — Rod Wave

69. “I got one more piece of my heart left, and I’ve been saving it for you.” — Rod Wave

70. “Tell me how do I find love if I never seen it.” — Rod Wave

71. “You said you love me, but you are leaving me. I guess love ain’t what it seems to be.” — Rod Wave

72. “I’ve been feeling pain for so long, I done become numb.” — Rod Wave

73. “Death gotta be easy ’cause life is f*ck*ng hard.” — Rod Wave

74. “No matter what I do, can’t keep nobody happy.” — Rod Wave

75. “Sometimes, it feels like nobody understands me.” — Rod Wave

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Rod Wave grew up listening to people like E-40, Chingy, and Kanye West.

One thing that sets him apart from some artists is his ability to invoke emotion within his audience.

It might have something to do with how much of himself he puts into each song he sings.

ABC News Radio’s Rachel George noted that “music is a direct expression of Rod’s life.”

Right on the verge of stardom, Rod Wave almost lost it all in a near-fatal car crash.

He suffered several injuries, including bleeding on the brain.

He used that experience to create his single “Through the Wire,” which was also released in 2020.

I feel we haven’t heard the last from Rod Wave, and he will probably be a household name soon.

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