Dr. Melanie Ross Mills

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills, a rising influencer, is nationally acclaimed for her extraordinary gift of connection. She is a distinguished Life Strategist, Relationship & Friendship Expert, and licensed Temperament Therapist, often referred to as "everyone's heart doctor." Dr. Mel combines her expertise with an engaging and magnetic personality that captivates her followers. Her ability to blend insight and experience with humor and authenticity sparks genuine discussions and inspires action. Dr. Mel reaches her broad audience through various platforms, including the Life Bonds™ iTunes Podcast, Life Bonds™ Books (including titles like The Friendship Bond, The Identity Bond, and The Couples Bond), and Life Bonds™ Workshops. She is also active on social media (@drmelaniermills) and engages in public speaking and creative partnerships with companies like Clinique, Melting Pot, Bank of America, and Zelle, promoting wellness and impact. She is FOX News Radio’s go-to Relationship Expert and received the 2016 Women of Excellence Award for her dedication to young women and women of excellence ideals. Dr. Mel regularly contributes to ABC Channel 8 WFAA and has appeared on CBS, NBC, FOX, and The Doctor's. Her advice is featured in prominent publications such as Today, Bloomberg, Forbes, Time, Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, and many more. Dr. Melanie Ross Mills continues to expand her digital presence through the creation of the Dr. Melanie Ross Mills channel, offering insights and inspiring reflections on various life topics. Her web series, Life Bonds™ Chit Chat, Quick Chats, and media segments, features real-life stories and expertise to inspire and navigate different aspects of life, particularly in relationships. Dr. Mills holds magna cum laude Master of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Temperament Therapy, along with certification in Clinical Counseling. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Learning and Development (Youth and Community Studies) from the University of Texas at Austin, receiving numerous academic awards and accolades for her achievements.
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