Fact Checking

Accurate headlines and avoiding clickbait titles

All articles on EverydayPower are written by actual humans—no bots here! We try to develop bold and innovative article titles that perform well in search engines. Still, we will never mislead you intentionally with an intriguing headline that leaves you clicking through tons of trash and hoping you find out what we implied you would. 

We also add and upload content daily. 

Accuracy of information

Our articles are written by people with genuine experience and proper education. The educational background of our writing staff ranges from the school of life to those who have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. We even have a few Ph.D. and M.D. holding writers on staff. All our writers draw on their own life experiences in a way to help add value to yours. 

We also link any scientifically proven research or sources directly in the articles (so that you can see where we got information from). When we write about a current event or popular news topic, we make sure it is confirmable on a reputable news site. 

We differentiate between fact and opinion, and the opinions of the authors are their own and not necessarily shared by EverydayPower. 

Our editorial team also edits each article, and it is then given a fresh once over before our publishing team clicks that final button. Our readers include some of the most passionate movie fans, TV addicts, gamers, and even lovers of classical literature. We do our best to ensure that all quotes are accurate, but if you find an error, leave a comment and let us know so we can get it fixed! 

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All the ads you see on EverydayPower are from Fortune 5000 companies and are family-friendly. No shady people are buying their way onto our site.

You can connect with us

We are more than just a website. We are a real company composed of real people. If you see something that is incorrect, there are emails on our site to reach the right person. Again, since we are all humans here, mistakes can happen, but you can actually reach us to let us know if something slips by us. Then we can research the problem and make any corrections needed. 

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