Allen Maldonado Interview on Following Your Passion and Dealing with Haters

It was an honor to interview Allen Maldonado, who has so many things going on that I can never say, “I’m too busy,” again.

While Allen is an actor on one of my favorite shows on primetime TV, Black-ish, he has also starred in numerous Hollywood blockbusters (Straight Outta Compton, Equalizer, etc.), is an entrepreneur (Everybody Digital), and is a highly active philanthropist (Demo Nerds), who is not waiting until he turns 75 to ‘give back.

Allen is an inspiration because his success was not handed to him, and his obstacles have challenged him so that he now personifies grit.

When you see Allen on the big screen, you see someone who is funny, super confident, and authentic, and it’s incredibly empowering to learn how he developed those skills and qualities.

In this interview, you will learn:

1. How to develop the mindset that has led this Hollywood actor toward success

2. How to focus on the work you are doing right now to create an entrepreneurial endeavor

3. How to use your identity and brand to protect yourself from haters and critics

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