Robert Escandon

Robert J. Escandon is a creator at heart and has dedicated his life to the study of the human mind therapeutically, creatively and historically. Author of the newly published books, The Armor, the Sword and the Shield: An Exploration of Male Archetypes, The White Masque Tales and The Adventures of Almier, Professor Escandon spends his time teaching, conducting research to innovate and advance therapeutic practices and also spends a few hours a week playing video games with his 3 sons and wife. Robert has always related his work to the study of the human mind and the search to better ourselves through communication. He has worked as a therapist for over 15 years, teaches History at Miami Dade College and has worked in Japan as a filmmaker. Robert constantly strives to understand the world around him in order to help others. Whether it’s filmmaking, writing or composing music, Robert will always remind you to “trust yourself, because no one else knows you better than you know yourself.” This philosophy of self trust is the foundational motivator to his work and to the key in better understanding oneself.

Articles By Robert Escandon