The Cost Of Acting On Our Big Dreams

Have you ever heard the saying “Anything worth having is worth waiting for?”?

Instant gratification is a problem right now in our society, and it is partially because we have forgotten that it can take time to have something great come to fruition.

Do you think that your favorite singer became an overnight sensation?

Of course not – they dreamed, set goals, sacrificed, worked hard, and all of those steps brought them success.

And that process took time.

The Cost of Dreaming

We all have dreams, and with most dreams, there is a financial cost attached.

Whether it has that dream career, a dream item such as a house or car, or taking a dream vacation – most dreams cost money.

Therefore, many people don’t dream simply because they have no money.

But why should that keep you from dreaming?

Dreams are plans that we have for our lives.

Dreaming doesn’t cost you anything – it is completely free.

Therefore, the fact that maybe, at this moment, you don’t have the money to fulfill the dream shouldn’t keep you from dreaming the dream.

Working Toward the Dream

So, how do you work toward a dream even when you have no money?


The first step is to believe.

If you don’t believe in a dream, it won’t come true whether you have the money or not.

If you believe that where you are, today is where you will be in 1, 5, 10 years from now, money won’t change that.

The first step of working toward a dream is truly believing it can happen – you can have what you want.

We all can obtain wealth, but if you don’t believe you can, you won’t take the necessary steps.

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Wishing won’t make it happen.

Playing the lottery won’t make it happen.

Waiting for a relative to die won’t make it happen.

You are the only one that can make it happen.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone else is on your side or not, you have to believe you can reach your dream and then go about making it happen.

I had a dream of owning my own business.

No one believed that this was a good choice for me.

Not because of me, but because of the money.

It wasn’t guaranteed income, it didn’t come with job security, it didn’t come with a set future – but it was my dream.

No one believed in me, but I believed in myself; it was my dream.

So I went after it.

I started with no money, and I run a very successful business today.

Have you ever looked at something as simple as a $100 designer purse and thought, “I will never have one.

I want one, but I’ll never have it.”

Here’s the bottom line – if you believe you will never have it, you won’t.

Not because you can’t, but because you believe you can’t.

Start taking the first step today and believe you can have what you dream of.

Hard Work

Money or no money, every dream requires hard work.

And an awesome result of hard work many times is financial gain.

You will not achieve your dream of sitting on the couch, watching television, playing games, or waiting for your fairy godmother to show up.

Hard work is the best way to reach your dream – whether large or small –.

Action is the key.

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The motto of my company has always been “Doing nothing will never move you forward.”

For the first 28 years of my life, I let life happen to me.

Then I found myself $200,000 in debt, a single mom making $10,000 a year.

I had two choices – to keep letting life happen to me and be a victim or work hard and become a victor.

I chose the latter and have never looked back.

It took time, belief, hard work, and sacrifice, but I finally reached my dream of financial freedom.

But I didn’t get it just sitting around.

Maybe right now, in this moment, you are broke, deep in debt and dreaming seems like just a dream.

But this moment doesn’t have to define your future.

By now, I hope you are already starting to dream and believe you can make those dreams come true.

The next step is to work hard and change your circumstances.

In doing so, you will make more money.

Money is a natural byproduct of hard work.

Perhaps this is a step you have avoided for a while, just like I did.

Today is your day to become a victor instead of a victim.


Sacrifice is sometimes necessary to reach a goal or dream.

Sacrifice is defined as something you give up for a better cause.

Sacrifice can come in the form of time, money, or things.

For example, my husband and I dream of owning a lake house.

Fifteen years ago, I would have never thought this dream was possible.

But as we began to believe we could have a lake house, it made us want to work harder toward the dream.

It also made us want to sacrifice in order to reach the dream.

For example, was it more important to have new furniture or a lake house?

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Was it more important to get a new car or have a lake house?

Sacrifice looks different for everyone.

Many people sacrifice things such as eating out or cable to save for their dreams.

Some sacrifice their time by getting a part-time job temporarily to save.

Sacrifice is an awesome way to reach your dreams and reach them in this lifetime.

Most people can’t have it all.

Therefore, it is important to prioritize.

My husband and I have to do that with every dollar we spend to reach our lake house dream in the time frame we have set.

This doesn’t mean we don’t do anything else – it just keeps us focused on the big picture.

Sacrifice is simply saying no to something now to achieve something bigger and better later.

I Have a Dream

We all have dreams.

Poor people have dreams.

Broke people have dreams.

Wealthy people have dreams.

Maybe a wealthy person has a slight advantage over you right now – they have the means to make their dreams come true.

But this doesn’t make your dreams any less important or obtainable.

Start today by believing in your dream – write it down, do a vision board, and keep it in front of you.

My vision board is my screen saver on my computer.

I see it all day long.

Believe that you can have anything you dream of.

Then go about working hard and sacrificing to make that dream come true.

It may take a while if your funds are low.

But hard work and sacrifice will raise those funds and have you reaching your dreams before you know it.

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  1. Utkrisht Singh

    January 11, 2019 at 7:17 AM

    I was looking for such an article because I’m stuck and will have to work extremely hard to get out of my situation, thanks for writing an article that lifts the spirit of people who work hard.

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