18 Beautiful Things That Are Happening in Your Life Right Now

Editor’s Note: UPDATED as of October 23, 2016 for relevance and accuracy.

So often, we are too busy doing the tasks of daily life, of focusing on work, or taking care of others, that we miss the simple joys that are going on right around us.

It is important to learn to be present in the moment.

To be grateful for these experiences, as these are times that you will never get back.

Here are some great examples of what is happening in your life right now, and the beautiful things that you might be missing:

18 Beautiful Things That are In Your Life Right Now

1.) Don’t miss all those little moments that are “now” not meant to come.

Don’t let your present pass you by.

2.) Always be grateful for your health. Never take it for granted.

You never know what tomorrow can bring.

If you have some health issues, keep a steady head that they could be worse.

Remember that you are still capable of great things.

3.) Sit and appreciate the beauty of childlike wonder. What is it to be innocent, not jaded?

To not have responsibilities?

To say what you think and to have the best of intentions behind it?

To see the interest and beautiful things that we take for granted?

4.) Give yourself credit for your unique accomplishments and talents.

People struggle with compliments, or even admitting to themselves that they have done a pretty amazing job.

Own it, you did it.

You deserve to bask in the glow.

5.) You never know what someone else is capable of until you give them a chance.

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By doing so, you might change their lives.

You might bolster their self-confidence.

So let them know for the first time that you believe in them and their abilities.

To give this kind of joy to someone is a gift.

6.) No matter if you have fallen out or drifted apart, memories will always exist.

No one can take them from you.

Cherish them.

Be grateful for them, and appreciate that you were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have had them in the first place.

7.) Everything that we do in life will come to an end – but it has not yet.

Enjoy each second of it while we are experiencing it, and while we are being given the opportunity.

You never know if and when it will come around again.

8.) The love others are trying to give to you.

9.) We are not promised tomorrow, but we are given today.

We need to take as much advantage of it as possible.

Tell people you love them, do the best you can do, and do something that you purely enjoy.

10.) Judge others for the way they treat you. Form your own opinions.

Give them the opportunity to truly show themselves to you.

You never know what someone is capable of, or what lies in their heart, until you give them the opportunity to show you.

Don’t form opinions based on second-hand information.

11.) There are struggles that we have all faced – maybe ones that have given us a wrinkle or gray hair – but what they have also given us is character.

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They are part of who we are, what built us, and what gave us our strength.

Our struggles are beautiful things.

12.) You have people in your life, right now, this very minute.

People that you have slipped out of touch with, but are dear to you.

People that if you picked the phone up and needed them, or just wanted to know how they are, would be there like not a second has passed.

13.) Most of us have lost people in our lives who were important to us.

That fact is painful.

But what most of us fail to realize is the beauty we have, and are always left with, that they were part of our lives.

That they chose us, that they shared themselves with us, and that we will always have those memories.

14.) No matter what you have said or done at any point before this exact minute, you have within you the power to make better choices and to change.

This is one of the beautiful things you shouldn’t ignore.

Many of you have been lucky enough to know what you need already.

Most of you have people in your life who are willing to give you the tools to change your life and be the best version of yourself.

15.) Doors don’t stay open forever.

Take the chances that are provided to you today, as they might not be there tomorrow.

16.) The goals you have actually achieved that you are not acknowledging.

17.) We will never get today back, so embrace it.

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You will never be this young again, this content, again, this calm again, whatever it may be for you.

18.) The gift of just “being”. We so often do not give ourselves permission to just “be”.

To not have anything planned, to not get out of our pajamas, to spend a day of rest and not responsibilities.

If you get a chance to do this, you have earned it.

Enjoy it, and let yourself be free to know that not every second must be a productive one.

Sometimes, recharging is the greatest gift of all.

What beautiful things will you be acknowledging today?

Everyday, we are presented with lots of beautiful things for us to take notice of.

From the flowers on the sidewalk, a friend’s smile, to the blue skies above: the world is always filled with wonder.

It’s up to you to see.

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