How To Create Your Own Definition of Success

What is success?

How do you define success?

Has your definition changed over time?


The word itself is a positive motivator challenging us to associate our definitions with our experience pursuing it.

Success has not been a destination I have arrived at, it has been an ongoing series of daily choices that have led me to where I am now, and I understand that I have many more choices to come that will continue the journey.

What is success?

When I was a teen, success meant overcoming the negativity of peers who defined me based on my port-wine stain birthmark (which covers my entire face, throat, and ears) to become a successful athlete in school.

In my early 20s, success meant independence, industry recognition, and money – getting paid thousands of dollars to work with celebrity clients in a business I had created from scratch through hard work, networking, integrity, and perseverance.

Define success at different points in your life

When I was in my early 30s, success meant surviving domestic abuse every day for 5 years and a hit-and-run car accident that left me bedridden for months as I healed my body.

Now in my 40s, I am more empowered than ever before.

Although no longer solely focused on serving the world’s top Hollywood celebs, I have created a thriving and sustainable business that serves the people of Salt Lake City, UT, and I am the happiest I have ever been.

I have spent the last 3 decades in a constant state of rebuilding, redefining, and re-creating the definition of my success.

Throughout the ever-changing seasons of my life, 5 practices have stayed constant in my efforts to achieve ongoing dreams and aspirations.

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Positive self-talk leads to more success.

No one can talk you into believing you can overcome personal challenges and achieve your dreams more than your psyche.

Using the “I Am…” mantra daily has become a survival staple in my ability to heal and rediscover who I am and can be.

Commit to your vision and define your success

Approaching your life path as a passive experience, one will never how much could have been achieved or what strength has laid dormant to overcome challenges when they arrive.

Being happy in our choices is paramount to personal growth and success.

We have made good and bad choices that have different outcomes at different times in our lives.

Whether those choices have been personal or business-related, we have to own our part in the choice.

Success is rooted in the ability to accept responsibility for our own choices and turn them into growth experiences for the future.

So, being happy with who we are because of what our experiences have taught us is truly a beneficial choice for the individual definition of success.

If we have learned the ability to rise above negative regret because of human error, then we have been teachable, and that is a quality of great successful leaders.

Your Health is Vital to Your Success

We only get one body – filling it with vital, life-sustaining nutrients is imperative to success.

If we are not feeding our brain and body correctly, it ceases to work for us and fails us.

Allowing ourselves to get run-down and out of shape is the worst thing we can do for success.

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When we stop taking care of ourselves, we cannot physically and mentally perform, think clearly, rationalize and manage stress as well as we could if we maintained our wellness to optimal levels.

Successful people recognize their bodies as a tool for manifesting their thoughts and treat them like partners in accomplishing their goals.

Realize That Money Is Fluid

I have had money, and I have lost money.

The best advice I ever received was from my father, who reinforced that money in business must be fluid for growth.

There are reasons to invest in growth, and there are times to withhold, but knowing when to let go of it is key to building success.

Our success cannot be based on how much money is in our bank account, it must be based on what we have achieved with the money we have had.

Intelligent investing is key to creating both personal financial success and business successes that we can be proud of.

Those Who Know Teach

Teaching is one of the greatest ways to achieve success.

Once we have learned valuable lessons with important information, we can become a part of helping another person’s success story begin.

Inspiring, mentoring, motivating, and genuinely offering advice and insight to those following in our footsteps will enhance our industry success through respect for our shared voice.

Personal happiness will also increase as we share our passions with others who are like-minded and willing to learn from our stories.

Often, personal happiness is the biggest marker we can measure success by.

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These tips have been stable forces in helping me stay grounded as I have built and rebuilt my vision of success both professionally and personally over the years.

I hope these tips also offer a new perspective on our definition of successful people and businesses.

If I can help just one person feel more positive about how to achieve their goals, then I consider that to be a great success too!

Celebrity Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach and Fitness Trainer Angela Martindale, is President of Salt Lake City's, Producer of The Ultimate Transformation Series, and the Creator of the CHIYOGAFLOW series. Martindale is seen regularly on ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC affiliate networks in Utah.