5 Fears that Prevent You from Expressing your Gifts

What holds us back from expressing the gifts we have developed or been given?

Why are there some people who will shout them from the rooftops, while others will not tell anyone about their accomplishments, no matter how impressive they are?

I do not think this comes simply down to introversion and extroversion.

I so not think it comes down to narcissism and social anxiety.

I think there is much more to this.

I think it is the different ways that people operate.

I think it is some people never being content with the levels they reach.

Also, I think some people do not realize the incredible gifts they have to share with the world.

We all know plenty of people who are ready to share with the world, gifted or not, but what about those who are and do not share?

What holds them back from sharing, what makes them question themselves, and what makes them so humble that they keep their gifts hidden from the world?

The answer is fear, but what are those fears that hold them back.

Let’s take a look at them each.

1. We fear that our gifts and talents are not good enough.

While we may be extremely talented and gifted, we may live with the fear that our talents are not good enough.

We fear that it is only the people around us, the ones that have been closest too all this time, that have been telling us that we have talent.

That other people will not think so, that they will think we are talentless, and that we have been lying to ourselves.

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There is an overwhelming fear of not being encouraged and supported in the way that we have.

2. We fear that we will be rejected.

Rejection is one of the most feared and powerful emotions that we can face.

Many people will not share their gifts with the world out of fear of rejection.

If someone never shares what they have created with anyone, they can never experience rejection.

They also cannot experience the joy of success and appreciation of their work.

The world is deprived of their unique voice.

3. We fear that there is nothing beyond what we have.

Another fear is that we have taken our talents as far as they will go.

They fear that there is nothing beyond this, no creativity, no new ideas.

While they may be full of impressive ideas and creations, they never take the chance out of the fear of what is next, or if there is a next for them.

The reality is that is they were once creative, they always will be, and they just need to have faith in themselves.


4. We Fear that fear is not going to go away.

People who are overwhelmed by their fears are afraid that they will never go away.

It is like the person who continues to have panic attacks because they panic over having another panic attack.

People who have these deep based fears, fear they will never go away.

They become crippled by them, and therefore will not share their talents with the world.

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5. We fear that our voice is not special enough.

People who possess special gifts are anxious, and are always comparing their voice to others.

They wonder if their work holds up, if it is as good as others that are as successful, or if other people will understand their voice.

Many creative and artistic types suffer from this feeling.

This is why so many are not famous and known in their lifetime.

They are either misunderstood, or refuse to share their gifts at all.

The good news is that fears are learned, and that means they can be unlearned.

If the behavior can be unlearned enough to take the chance to share, they then have the chance to experience success.

With the feelings and experience of success, they may become growing ling confident, and be willing to share more and more.

With each success, the fears become less and less, and their light shines brighter and brighter.

The person needs to take a hard look at where the fears started, where they learned them, and what they are based in.

If they can answer these questions and work on addressing them, they may be able to diminish their fears and find themselves more willing to their gifts with their work and the world.

They may feel that others appreciation is genuine and real, and then come to truly believe that they do indeed have the talents that they were given.

If they can come to believe that, life can so different for them, and they can be the success they were meant to be.

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