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Are you too busy making someone else’s dreams come true to pursue your own desires in life?

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Do you know you spend approximately one-third of your life working?

Are you enjoying your work or simply passing time?

A quick course to discovering your calling in life

Most of us get so caught in our daily responsibilities that we forget who and what we are living for.

We make sure we have enough money to pay our bills and enjoy our time off but when work takes approximately one-third of our life – it is a sin not to get all the pleasure you can from your work.

For you to live a happy fulfilled life you must make sure your work is aligned with your specific talents and gifts.

You see, everyone was born with his or her own unique traits.

As we go through life we uncover those traits by discovering what we are most good at which happens to be what we enjoy doing most.

Life is a gift you got from nature, to make proper use of this gift you should enjoy every moment of your life doing the things you love most.

For that you must first find your true calling in life.

How do you go about it?

First, it is important to understand that you are never too old to find your purpose and follow your calling in life.

Some of us are lucky to be born with a clear vision of what we want and what we can do in life, others need to spend some time looking for it; but whatever the case may be – we all have a calling.

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Each and every one of us was made for greatness and it is our responsibility to discover it and live up to it.

Grab a pen and paper and follow along, it will be well worth your while.

How do you go about finding your purpose?

Build your vision:

Paint with words your ideal life.

What will your life look like if you had no limitations or boundaries?

What are some of the things you want to see/have in your life?

This will exercise will stimulate your thinking and make sure you focus on the things that matter most to you.

Take your time when creating the vision of your perfect life.

Personally this is my favorite part of discovering your path in life, when you are building your ideal life anything is possible.

What type of life do you see yourself living?

What house do you live in and where is it located?

Who are you closest friends?

What skills do you hold and what type of activities are you involved in?

How do spend your days?

your leisure time?

Paint your picture perfect with words, use as many details as possible so if I were to read it I would see the exact same images you do.

Now that you have laid the foundation let’s focus on discovering and developing your passion.

2. Uncover your unique traits

Step one: make a list of your core values.

(e.g. integrity, creativity, power. spirituality, freedom, trust…)

Your core values are the qualities that matter most to you.

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For example, some of us may value creativity most and search for ways of expression in their life through design, art, dance etc.

Others may value certainty that can be found in analytic thinking and predetermined results and will find expression in working with numbers and known factors.

Write freely as many as possible then determine your top 5.

Go back to the vision of your ideal life for some clues and insights as to what you value most.

You will also enjoy our article on too busy.

Step two: write out what you most enjoy doing.

Think back and recall moments and events when you felt most happy, complete and at ease. What were you doing?

What activities were you involved in?

Usually these are the activities you get so lost in you completely lose track of time.

Go back all the way to your childhood, call on memories from times you felt most fulfilled.

Write them down.

You will be amazed how many insights you get simply by asking yourself questions.

Step three: identify your talents.

Make a list of the things you are good at. (e.g. writing, speaking, leading, listening, motivating, teaching, building, developing…)

Clue: usually what we love doing most is our talent.

If you are not sure, turn to friends and family for help, ask them what they think you are best at.

3. Connect the dots

You have all you need to find your purpose, now it is time to connect the dots.

Go to a quiet place and in a relaxed state read your notes and ponder on it.

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By reflecting on the things that matter most to you and the vision of the life you wish to live, you will receive insights as to which route you should take in life.

Bare in mind, your purpose may take some time to reveal itself, but it will surely hit you.

Write it out as it comes – focus on the service you provide, the talents you’ll develop to deliver the service, the beneficiary of the service and outcome you achieve through the services you provide.

Please notice.

Discovering your purpose does not necessarily mean you have to change your job or go on an entrepreneurial path.

It is more about making sure you use your natural talents to your advantage so you can receive pleasure from your contribution.

4. Take Action!

Now that you know what is your true calling in life make sure you make use of this knowledge.

Explore opportunities at your current job to further develop your unique potential, if your current position does not allow it consider changing departments or exploring other job opportunities outside of your current scope.

To an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

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