4 Tips to Create Balance Between the Human Being and Human Doing Mind

Discover some healthy tips on how to have a balanced mind that will help you achieve your goals and experience contentment in your life.


Being a Human Being requires us to participate in life by being a Human Doing, however, all too often we become off balance by being too much of a “do-er” or too much of a “be-er.”

Let’s take a look at what each of these states of mind is:

Human Being: Curious, interested, nothing to do mind, lives in the moment and is present-oriented.

Human Doing: Task-oriented, fact-based, responds to the myth “faster is better,” gets the job done and ambitious.

Balanced Mind: The centeredness of both the Being and the Doing.

Works on getting the task done, and at the same time balances being in the moment while doing it.

Taking time for self-care, including taking time for your mind, emotions, body, and spirit is essential to balance these states of mind to be effective and content.

Now here are healthy tips on how to create a Balanced Mind to experience more effective and content:

1. A healthy mind requires you to maintain awareness of your thinking

The mind interprets and gives meaning to happenings that occur outside yourself or within your mind.

The ability to practice mindfulness of your thoughts in a non-judgmental way is an art and takes practice.

The idea here is to notice your thoughts as just thoughts and not as facts.

Many times, your thoughts are understandable and true, however, in some cases, the mind can be tricky, since it gives its own meaning and interpretation to situations that can create “faulty” thinking.

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So, the first step is to notice your thoughts and be aware of assumptions and practice discerning what a thought is versus a fact.

Give your mind healthy nurturing by reading, listening, and viewing healthy mind-based material.

How do you determine what is healthy mind-based?

If you feel good, inspired or feel as though you have gained insight or have learned something new, it will feel right and your mind will be at ease.

2. A balanced mind learns ways to cope with emotions

Emotions are based on how your mind thinks.

Remember emotions are based on your mind’s interpretation and meaning of situations.

Emotions then create a response or in some situations a severe reaction to what your mind is telling you.

Learn about emotions, by knowing how to identify what prompts the emotion, notice the body sensations that occur based on the emotion, for example when you are angry, perhaps you feel tightness in your chest, narrowing attention, fists clenched, jaw tightens, etc.

Be able to learn what emotion you are experiencing by getting in tune with them.

Journal about emotions, explore their meaning in therapy and work on not judging them.

Become friends with them, understand they have a purpose and they are there for a reason, but they are not there to rule you.

Take control by first learning what they are telling you and why.

3. A balanced mind requires a healthy body

Your body goes where your mind tells it.

Keeping your mind healthy and your body physically strong is essential to creating a balanced mind.

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Create a self-care plan of exercise and strength training (check with your physician about any limitations).

The body is designed to be exercised and conditioned.

Keep it in balance and make it a habit.

The body carries your mind and emotions, be kind to it, because your doing Mind needs it to make it work for you.

Devise an exercise plan, practice using a calendar to chart your progress that will give you accountability and actually help you create a balanced habit.

Identify activities that you like to do, not what someone thinks you should do or that everyone else is doing.

Try different types of exercise and allow a plan to manifest that will keep your body balanced and centered.

4. A balanced mind creates a healthy relationship with self and others

Start with yourself, practice loving kindness and be gentle with you.

Learn how to speak kindly to yourself in your own mind.

Notice any negative self-talk and learn how to let those myths go and remind yourself you are a human being that is working on being healthy and balanced.

Learn how to say no and avoid over-committing to relationships that are draining your mind, body, and emotions.

Create a “Don’t Do” list and avoid saying yes to a request right away, take some time to determine if your commitment to the request is going to create an off-balanced experience for yourself.

Learn how to budget in your energy to nurture your family, friends, workmates.

Make yourself a priority, everyone’s is different, the point here, is to not take the relationships in your life for granted and make time to love them while they are in your life, and that includes yourself!

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A balanced mind craves a healthy spiritual practice

Spirituality or religion is key to your well-being in a world that can easily sway you off balance to the point of exhaustion and ill health.

Whatever your philosophy is, nurture it, believe in it to help and protect you.

Your particular practice should be able to give you signals in your mind, body, and emotions as to when you are going off a balanced mind.

If you don’t have a philosophy, spirituality or religion, be willing to say yes to an invitation to church, spiritual gathering or a nature walk that creates connection in a mindful way.

Be open and notice resistance in this area.

Explore where the resistance is coming from, by exploring your thoughts, emotions, relationships and bodily reactions to ideas of spirituality and religion.

If there are signals to explore further, do it sooner than later, you deserve to be balanced and content by understanding your relationship to spiritual practice.

What are you doing to ensure you have a balanced mind?

Do you have any other ideas to share with us?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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