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How To Get Paid For Doing What You Love

There are three types of people in this world. First, there’s those that don’t believe you can really make money doing what you love. Second, there’s those that believe in following your passions, but think you have to sacrifice money to do it.


And then there’s the third group, who believe that doing what you love can be highly profitable. They realize that not only can you make money doing what you love, you can make a lot of it.

How To Get Paid For Doing What You Love

It’s good that 3rd group believes that, because it’s very much the truth.


So, if you’re not currently doing what you love and making money doing it — and would very much like to be — then don’t despair. You can in fact love what you do and earn a great living at the same time. And that’s exactly what this guide will show you.


Now, because how much money you make is determined by your mindset, it’s first important to be willing to…


Change Your Current Money Mindset


One of the reasons so many people are struggling to adapt to these new and exciting times is their outlook on money. But because how much money you make is the by-product of your mindset, it’s important to be willing to look at (and change) what’s going on in your head in relation to wealth first.


Many of us hold limiting beliefs (whether in your conscious or unconscious mind ) – about what money is and how it’s made. We can pick up belief systems from our parents, friends, teachers, and our culture without even realizing it.


Maybe you think money is evil and the only way to make it is to take it from other people. Maybe you think money is hard to make and impossible to understand. But that’s simply not true.


It’s easier than ever for a “normal” or “average” person to make money.


Did you know that there are roughly 8 million millionaires in the United States. About 90% of them are “self-made”, meaning they created their fortunes rather than inheriting them. So, why can’t you be one of them?


It’s time to change the way you think about money. It’s time the change the way you make it.

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Stop blaming the economy. Stop blaming your circumstances. Stop blaming your childhood. Stop blaming anything for what your bank account balance currently is. That won’t get you anywhere.


Now, that’s easier said than done, of course. Old habits die hard as they say.


But it is essential that you take the steps to change your mindset,  whether that be through a method like hypnosis, meditation, or sitting down with a life coach to examine your current beliefs relating to money.


One way that can help you to create a more positive belief in yourself and your ability to make money from what you’re passionate about, is to…


Realize The Abundance Of Opportunities You Have To Make Money


The truth is, you and I are in the middle of what experts call the “Information Age”. Entire industries are now based around the exchange of knowledge and ideas, rather than physical products.


Think about it. Netflix streaming, iTunes, Facebook, Kindle ebooks, Snapchat. These brands and many more all rely on the exchange of information, not tangible goods.


What does this all have to do with you? Well, the reason these businesses are able to exist is the incredible technology we have access to. Data is shared easily and instantly through the internet.


This has made it easier than ever for the average person to start a business, sell products or services, and more. It’s also created new types of commercially viable goods, like ebooks and digital video.


Embrace our new age of business and opportunity and learn how to make it (and money) work for you. It’s the secret to getting paid to do what you love.


So then the next step is to…


Discover What You Love To Do


Before you can start earning money from your passions, you’ve got to figure out what you’re actually passionate about.


Sure, some of you are probably thinking:


“Are you kidding? I already know what I love!”


But not everyone is so lucky.


Take the time to really think and brainstorm about the things you truly enjoy. Look at the things you do today. Think back to college. Think back to high school. Think back to kindergarten.

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Look for the themes, the things that really stick out. Write all this stuff down and get it in one place. Then take that list, however long it is, and narrow it down until you find those true passions – the things that really make you tick.


Then, take the passion (or passions) you’ve come up with and start examining it under the microscope.


What is it that you like about it? What are the basic elements of this subject?


By doing this, you give yourself even more options. For instance, if you’re passionate about sports, this could be broken down into elements like: competition, strategy, physicality, teamwork, showmanship, etc.


This gives you a more of a detailed guide to work off of.


Now, you’ll want to…


Establish Yourself in the Field You Love


Now it’s time to take these passions and start looking for ways to turn them into money.


Begin researching careers in and around your chosen field. You can use the other elements you brainstormed earlier to broaden the search.


Don’t worry so much about the potential income during this stage. Just look for viable jobs that are relevant to the thing or things you’re passionate about.


Going back to our sports example above, potential careers would be things like sports therapist, sports journalist, sports psychologist, coach, scout, and many more. Also pay attention to the job requirements and qualifications.


Are there any jobs that you’re already qualified for? Are there any you could learn to do in a few months or years?


Once you’ve discovered and decided on a career path, it’s time to put in the work and follow it.


Then this is the exciting bit…


Turn Your Income Stream Into a Raging River


Now you’ve got a job you love. But maybe, the income that comes with it isn’t as much as you’d like it to be. No worries. Here’s where things get fun, and we start to apply the power of technology and information we talked about above.


Of course, some people simply skip the traditional career altogether and jump straight to this step. That’s up to you.


The idea here is to find a way to leverage your knowledge and passion into new income streams. There are so, so many ways of doing this, plenty of which will seem completely foreign or unbelievable. But that’s the power of the Digital Revolution.

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Things that you would never dream of making money from 10 years ago are now creating five-, six-, and seven-figure incomes for people around the country and world.


Here’s just a handful examples that you may be able to apply to your field:


  • Create instructional videos (Youtube) or video courses (Udemy) teaching people how to do something related to your passion


  • Write and self-publish a book (Amazon) that shows people how to do something related to your field


  • Offer coaching and consulting in-person or via video or voice calls


  • Create a blog or become a freelancer writer, using your experience in your passion to teach or report on related topics


  • Start an ecommerce site to sell products related to your passion


  • Design an app (you can pay someone to build one based on your idea) that addresses or helps with a problem that affects people within your field


Millions of people have turned these very strategies into real, substantial income streams in hundreds of different areas and disciplines. And many are a lot easier to implement than they may seem at first glance.


Creating an instructional video series could be as simple as recording yourself doing your job while explaining what you’re doing, then uploading it to the internet. Or you could package it and sell digital copies through your website. That’s just one example.


Today’s marketplace provides endless opportunities to create and supplement new sources of income. This kind of modern entrepreneurship is how you turn a career or passion project that may have seemed like a dead end into a lucrative living.


If you keep expanding and improving current income streams while creating new ones, a healthy income is within your reach, no matter what your passion happens to be.


It’s important to remember:


Money isn’t magic. It’s simply a physical manifestation of value. Once you learn to create value and share it with people, you’ll find that money finds its way into your wallet and bank account in abundance.


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