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Qualities of a Leader that Lead to Respect and Trust

Qualities of a Leader that Lead to Respect and Trust

Money is the blood flow of the business world, yet it is not all that it takes to prosper. It is people who make or break the company, and there needs to be the glue that holds them together. Trust is in short supply these days, which is why it has never been more important. Hidden agendas, political maneuvering, cloak and dagger, these are weapons that backfire in business. Hence, being inconsistent and two-faced is a sure way to marginalize your leadership.

Qualities of a Leader that Lead to Respect and Trust

Brick by brick

The first thing to note is that business environment is not a stage for personal promotion. Self-centered leaders who only look for themselves do not strike people as trustworthy. Ego is a driving force behind ambition and also a dangerous pitfall when it comes to trust. It is easy to use people and make yourself look good in front of others, but such a business road is short and solitary. Always strive to put the collective interest and goals into focus, and put away your biased lenses.

A reputation requires hard work and long time to build, and only a moment of carelessness to ruin. Because leaders are constantly being evaluated by workers, showing consistency is the best way to ensure your words do not fall on deaf ears.  Never prioritize short-term convenience over long-term benefits.  Of course, a fast-paced business world of today calls for some flexibility, but not in a way you communicate with employees and how you treat them.

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Qualities of a Leader that Lead to Respect and Trust

Room for improvement

Working on self-improvement is paramount for those seeking to enhance their position within the company. So, attend seminars and courses whenever possible. Visit online forums and networks where experts and leaders exchange business advice. By setting an example, you make sure there are no gossips and negative comments that can spread like wildfire. Avoid operating in a survival mode as a leader, and establish your own identity and leadership style.

But, not even the best CEOs and business leaders know everything, so do not pretend like you do. Communication is a two-way process, and business success is based on people’s ability to collaborate. Employees that are not feeling valued are not keen on giving it their best and fighting for the company. That way you are poring knowledge and skills down the drain and diminishing your influence on the collective.

A guiding light

Explain the employees why is it important for them to listen to you, and do not resort to threatening people with sanctions. Fear is an efficient tool to achieve some goals, but it is certainly not a way to build trust. Moreover, when faced with those who lead with fear, people tend to dig in their heels or jump ship. In both cases, emotions take over, which is never a good thing when you need to make business decisions.


Qualities of a Leader

Transparency is something all workers appreciate, and nobody likes to be left in the dark. Set clear expectations and do not raise the bar whenever you deem suitable. Atmosphere of uncertainty is not the most stimulating work ambient there is. If people are still not inclined to take your word on important issues, how about you demonstrate them in practice that you mean business? Steer away from delegating too much work, and roll up your sleeves. In the end, actions speak louder than any words.

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Qualities of a Leader that Lead to Respect and Trust

Lead the way

Trust is a curious and delicate thing, yet strong enough to carry your company towards success. Never take your position for granted, and achieve flow and continuity in your leadership. Learn to listen, empower your people and watch their back. A leader’s role is to support the organization’s advancement and make sure everybody is on the same page. If you make an effort to face challenges head-on, it is possible to turn even the most difficult situations around, believe it or not.

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