Reasons You Need to Be on LinkedIn Even When You Have a Job

Whether you are employed or not, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to LinkedIn.

You must have an account even if you have a job.

LinkedIn is one of the most important networking tools for professionals who are seeking jobs as well as those who want to recruit them.

You know all about LinkedIn, its reach and effectiveness.

However in this particular article we try to comprehend reasons why you must be active on LinkedIn even if you are employed.

Reasons You Need to Be on LinkedIn Even When You Have a Job

As a matter of fact LinkedIn is still third most used social media platform by business owners, recruiters and job seekers around the world.

So let us see why you got to be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a Huge Database and a Large Network of Recruiters

Even if you are employed and you are happy with the work you are doing you still have to stay connected with large number of recruiters and HR managers in your industry.

You really don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

What if you are getting laid and you have to find a job within few days.

What are you going to do?

If you stay connected with the large network of recruiters then it will be easier for you to find a new job.

If you are not in the loop and you suddenly call your recruiter after 5 years gap then he or she might not recognize you.

Hence you will find a job easily if you remain connected with the right people in the industry.

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Recruiters Comes to You Not the Other Way Around

If you are qualified with necessary skills and experience then recruiters and HR managers will come to you.

There are openings in a company demanding candidates with certain qualification, if you fulfill certain criteria then you can easily be recruited.

How is it possible that recruiters are coming to you?


There is a tough competition among recruiters and HR manager to skim the top talent.

Hence they always look out right candidates in order to recruit.

And you can be the one.

So even if you have a job stay active on LinkedIn because you may find a better opportunity.

You Stay Connected to the Entire Industry

LinkedIn is the only platform on the Internet where you remain connected with the entire industry you work in.

Suppose you come from IT industry and you are currently working as a developer then you can discover all your peers, recruiters, managers and other officials at one place.

You know what is going on in your industry and you build a great network of people who are related to your industry.

It offers you a great value and connection.

You clear your mind any time if you have a doubt.

LinkedIn is Like a News Feed Where You Get Updates Relevant to Your Industry

LinkedIn is just like News Feed or RSS.

You always need latest news related to your work and the industry you are in.

If you have an account on LinkedIn then just 10 minutes of exposure to the website in a given day is enough to catch all the headlines.

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You don’t have to read newspapers and watch full videos in order to grasp what is going on in your industry.

LinkedIn make things easier for you because you get all the updates at one place.

Your Resume is Always Up to Date and You Are Ready to Go

You don’t have to work creating a resume from the scratch.

Your resume always remains updated and it is a little more embellished every time there is something new to update.

As the news comes in you update your resume the very moment and you don’t wait even a second.

Your recruiter will always look at your resume because it shapes their mind whether to call you back or not.

So your resume remains updated even if you are employed.

You Build Personal and Face to Face Relationship with Your Recruiter

This is the most important reason why you need a presence on LinkedIn.

Your presence on LinkedIn will allow you to build personal relationship with the recruiters and other HR managers.

If you know right people in your industry then you can always find a job much easily.

You can also refer your friends if you have contacts.

So your presence on the LinkedIn is very important.

You can’t go complacent even if you are employed.

You Can Find Rarest of Rare Jobs on LinkedIn

Again, this has already been discussed in earlier paragraph.

But I need to reiterate this point.

On LinkedIn you find all kinds of job.

It is easier finding a job because of your presence and the relationship that you have build over the years.

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You can leverage this relationship and find jobs which are very rare.

You can find jobs where you work lesser and your salary remains the same.

Although such jobs are difficult to get by but if you have face to face relationship with recruiters in your industry then you can find one.

Build Your Own Brand

Finally you get to build your own brand name.

You build your own brand as you gain trust of recruiters and HR managers.

You are always in the good books of these managers.

So you don’t have to work hard if you want a new job because you have built a reputation on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to build your own brand.

I hope these reasons are more than enough to convince you to open an account with LinkedIn.

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