How to See Opportunity Even If Life is Full of Problems

We have a choice in how we look at our problems.

They can be insurmountable obstacles, or they can be opportunities for growth and new beginnings.

I once knew a woman who did everything that she could so that she could live life in her recliner and never have to get up.

She kept batteries for the television remote handy; she had a refrigerator and microwave within arm’s reach.

I am confident that if she could have figured out a way to go to the bathroom from that recliner that she would have done so.

She was part of a healthcare program that checked up on her twice a week.

Using her natural charm and creating a bit of guilt she convinced this healthcare worker to pick up mail and groceries for her.

She believed that if she limited her motion and her interaction with the outside world that she could avoid problems.

Unfortunately, all of that processed food and lack of movement and even more devastating her lack of relationships caused her to die an early death.

How to see opportunity even when life is full of problems

There is no way to avoid problems in this world. 

In my experience, there has never been a project or dream worth achieving that did not come with its own unique set of challenges.

However, those difficulties most typically also came with unforeseen opportunities.

Let us look at two common problem areas and at some of the possible opportunities that can show themselves if you will see them.

Health problems

One of the most common areas where problems arise is in the area of health.

I once partnered on several projects with a man who had a type of cancer in his throat. 

Initially, he had the opportunity to study and understand cancer.

Up until that point, even though he had known people with the disease, he was never motivated to do the research.

He wasn’t motivated to try to understand the causes and treatments.

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Now, he was propelled into the world of cancer research.

Today, he is a subject matter expert on the topic of cancer.

Your opportunity might not be what you think it is

While he may not know as much as the great research professionals out there, he is who I would go to for any question on the topic.

Not only would he give me data, but he understands the details from his own experience.

He can explain it in ways that even the most emotionally devastated of people can understand.

With this passion and a history in Toastmasters, he decided that he should do something with the knowledge.

That is where his second opportunity arose out of this situation.

Cancer research doctors most typically prefer to spend their time in the lab.

However, in order to get funding, they often need to hang up the white lab coat and put on a suit in order to speak to the public.

This man went to the doctors and received the right information so he could go out and speak on behalf of many of these researchers.

For many months he made his living as a public speaker.

Yes, from time to time, the researchers still had to come out of the labs.

However, he was able to reduce their time on stage considerably, and they appreciated him for it.

He spoke across the region and encouraged many people who were suffering from assorted forms of cancer. 

His life had more purpose than it ever had before.

Sometimes your opportunity changes

Eventually, cancer in his throat created so much damage that speech was difficult.

This led to his third opportunity.

After a procedure to create a hole in his throat, he learned to use a voice box.

He discovered that many companies are looking for people willing to experiment with different variations of the device.

He was able to make a living for several more months as a guinea pig of sorts.

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In addition to income, he helped several companies modify their devices for comfort and use in public venues.

Since he did not deny his problem, he was able to see opportunities that he never would have had otherwise.

The same is true for most health issues. 

Look carefully for the opportunity in the midst of pain.

Work Problems

It had been a mild day at the office with nothing really to talk about around the table.

The day had been smooth.

To be honest it had been a little boring.

After dinner, we decided to take a little trip to the lake to walk around and enjoy nature.

As we pulled into the public use area my phone rang.

Typically, I ignore the phone when I am out with my family.

However, on this occasion, noticing who it was that was calling I thought that I should answer it.

On the other end of the line, I heard about a problem that had popped up.

After asking a few questions, and getting some discouraging answers, I hung up the phone.

Being at the lake I took in the scenery.

I watched birds dive down into the water to collect their dinner.

Across the way, a retired fisherman was finishing up for the day.

He put his haul into the back of his pickup.

No one else in my view had a problem at that moment.

For any leader, this scenario plays out regularly.

Work problems are an opportunity for a leader to reveal true character.

You can rise to the occasion and be a hero.

Or, you can give the opportunity to an up-and-coming staff member, show the depth of your organization and potentially create a better future for your organization.

Your problem has a solution

I read once that NASA’s space program was stuck with a problem that threatened to delay the trip to the moon.

These incredibly intelligent men were stumped by how the astronauts would be able to write in space.

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Try writing with a pen while laying upside down.

While you start out strong, eventually the ink moves to the back of the ink tube and you no longer are able to write.

The smart guys were stumped about how to write in zero gravity.

For weeks they grappled with the issue. No solutions seemed to present themselves.

Noticing one of the scientists who was particularly frustrated, a future astronaut struck up a conversation with him. 

After hearing the problem, the leader walked over to a table.

Once there, he taped a piece of paper to the underside of the table, grabbed a pencil, wrote a letter, and handed it back to the scientist.

The problem was solved, using the old-fashioned pencil.

The problem gave the astronaut the opportunity to show that he was not just bold but also could solve problems.

Sitting in the wings of any organization is that future dreamer and leader who is sleeping in the mailroom.

The company would benefit greatly from this man or woman’s wisdom and abilities but they are not even noticed.

But what if the problem that the leader was wrestling with could be answered by the guy on the back dock or cleaning the toilets?

The problem reveals the depth of the organization and suddenly all things come together and the future can look bright.

Think back to the movie “The Natural”. 

Toward the end of the movie Roy Hobb’s bat breaks at a critical moment.

All looks lost for the Knights. 

It was the bat boy who had made a bat for the hero and gave him the encouragement to hit the game-winning home run.

That is the opportunity that is awaiting your organization.

Take a deep breath and know that problems are coming.

That is ok they are opportunities.  Look for them and get excited when they come.

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  1. Vanessa Udugba

    April 10, 2019 at 8:55 AM

    Very inspirational. I will definitely put all I have read into practice.
    I want to be a problem solver…”the go to person” God helping me.

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