Simon Sinek Interview About Finding Your Why And Living With Purpose

When I first heard of Simon Sinek, I was finishing up graduate school at Hunter College in New York City while teaching 7th grade English in Harlem.

I remember clicking on the link for Simon’s TED talk because somewhere in the talk’s description, it mentioned ‘inspirational leadership, which was one of the biggest reasons I got into education in the first place.

A great teacher is there to inspire.

In Simon’s talk, “How Great Leaders Start With Why“, we weave through time to find the similarities between past, present, and future leaders.

We learn about the power of purpose and how it is the driving force for positive action.

Simon’s talk made me a better teacher, Dean of Students, and whatever other role I needed to play at any given time throughout my career as an educator in New York City and India.

It’s with great honor that I had a chance to interview the New York Times best-selling author and the presenter of the most popular TED talk of all time, Mr. Simon Sinek.

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