Why We Should Celebrate the Success of Others

Achieving success is something that practically all of us strive for, but we rarely celebrate success when we attain it. 

The quest for success drives us from day to day.

We want to feel accomplished.

It’s important to us to attain our goals, see our dreams become reality, and live that purpose that we feel deep inside.

We live for the day when we will see the fulfillment of our efforts and reap the prosperity we crave.

So how do we feel when a friend, family member, or acquaintance succeeds before we do?

Do we celebrate their success, or do we hate it?

Well, without a doubt, we should be happy.

Below are five reasons why we need to celebrate the success of others.

1. We need each other to succeed

I was a recent spectator at a youth gymnastics event and watched how the young ladies pushed to do well on their own, but still congratulated each other’s performances.

As I reflected on this, it was a perfect example of team dynamics – when one wins, we all win.

Take, for instance, the fact that the scores of all team members are used to determine the winner of the “team” gold medal at the Olympic Games.

So, every score impacts the overall total and helps determine the winner.

If our teammates excel, it helps the team, and everyone becomes a champion – earning a gold medal.

The success of each member solidifies the standing of the team.

Our teammate’s success can propel our success, so we stand atop the medal stand with them.

Because of outstanding individual achievements, the entire team can share in a group accomplishment.

So, cheer others on instead of pouting when they perform better; their success is our success.

2. Celebrating the success of others motivates you for your success

Watching someone else give it their all and make or exceed their goals is energizing and inspiring.

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Sometimes we get disgruntled or disenchanted because we have been trying and working for what seems like a long time.

Yet we still haven’t accomplished our dream.

When someone else reaches their target, it should fill us with hope and possibility.

Their success is a testament to us that we can fulfill our dreams.

If they can do it, then we can too!

The more we celebrate success and take that positive stance, the more determined we will become.

This will help us shake off doubt and unbelief as it fills us with the spirit of perseverance.

It will then result in nudging us to take concrete and constructive steps toward achieving our victory.

3. You care about the person and want to maintain your bond

When we love and care about someone, we want to see them succeed.

We never want to see them fail or fall short of their goals.

Of course, at times, there may be healthy and friendly competition.

But, when we genuinely care about someone, that competition can never turn to jealousy because they climbed the mountain before we did!

When we love and care for another,r and they accomplish some fantastic goal, we will usually beaming with pride just to know that we are related to or associated with them.

We will even take the initiative to announce their accomplishments to others because we share their joy.

If we find ourselves hating a friend, family member, or colleague because of their success, then we need to evaluate ourselves and our relationship with them.

When we genuinely care about someone and want to maintain positive relations with them, it usually signals that we have their best interest at heart.

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If so, how can we be jealous and hateful when they succeed?

The strength of our relationship should surpass any tinge of jealousy or concern we may feel at the outset.

We should naturally root for them, cheering them on and even using them to motivate us to strive harder for our own goals.

Thus, we will not only maintain our bond with the individual but also will genuinely secure it.

4. Celebrating others’ success can open doors for you

A big part of gaining success is tied to networking and making connections with key people or organizations in the field we seek to achieve.

This means we need to meet individuals and build relationships to help us along our journey toward success.

When we celebrate the success of others, we get a chance to meet the people they know and go to events and functions that they have access to.

This will,l in turn, give us opportunities to connect with folks who can help or direct us as we continue striving to meet our own goals.

As we sing the praises of the other person’s success, it will likely ensure that they do not look at us as a threat and are more likely to refer us to others.

5. Keeping a positive attitude elevates you

A wise man once said, “Attitude is altitude…”

Our attitude, demeanor, and personality contribute significantly to our ability to succeed.

Knowledge, talent, and hard work are important factors in getting there.

But regardless of our familiarity with information, skill level, and work ethic, we often fail because of that one wild card- attitude!

If we do or say something that superiors, peers, suppliers, or customers find indifferent or offensive, we risk failing.

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If we become consumed with ourselves and focus solely on our desires without considering the needs of those who support us, we are on the path to failure.

And, of course, if our attitude is one of unbelief, then we are damaging our ability to succeed.

If everyone else believes in us, but we don’t believe in ourselves, it is unlikely that we will accomplish our goals or carry out any of our plans.

Ready to celebrate success?

Success is best savored when you share it with others.

So, as we walk along the road to success, the following tips will help us to reach the end we seek:

  • We must remember that there are times when we need to rely on each other to achieve.
  • Use healthy competition to drive and inspire your efforts. Cheer on those who run ahead, realizing that they are blazing a trail for you to use as directions for your own journey.
  • Relationships and personal bonds do not need to suffer or be severed in our quest to be the best.
  • Connections you gain from those who have already succeeded can go a long way to getting you to your destination.
  • A positive mindset and demeanor give us the calm, confidence, and determination we need to persevere and win!

When we experience setbacks, we cannot let them permanently define our attitude.

We must realize and deal with them as temporary.

So when we celebrate the success of others, we are fostering that positive attitude and strengthening our own resolve to reach that pinnacle we desire.

Have you ever found it difficult to celebrate success for others?

How have you celebrated success for someone close to you?

Let us know in the comment section!

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