Steve Job’s Ten Principles to Success That Everyone Needs to Learn

Steve Jobs became a legend and a tale of success long before his death.

While several publications rely on his ostensibly difficult character and his intrinsic contradictions to portray the life and achievements of Steve Jobs, many others will welcome you to an extraordinary world of principles that guided him to success.

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Steve Job’s Principles to Success That Everyone Needs to Learn

Mind you, there is no fixed recipe for success to learn from Steve Jobs.

There’s his legacy and close observation of every step he ever took in his striving to evolve and develop his business alongside.

Read through our list of ten principles from Steve Jobs – the entrepreneur, the man, the leader – and start including them in your daily life.

1. Love What You Do

That means the upsides as well as the downsides.

Steve Jobs was a conqueror of sorts.

He loved what he did and fought long and hard to return to his calling: Apple.

He got kicked out once, he approached every other job with the same passion and devotion, and yet he returned to Apple.

Guided by his love for what he did, innovation, and every detail related to the company, Steve Jobs saved Apple from bankruptcy and turned it into the best-valued tech company in the world.

He ensured his legacy would be guarded and further developed by like-minded people.

Not emulating personalities, but people – like Tim Cook – who dare to love their work.

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2. Resolve to Put a Dent in the Universe

For thirty years, Steve Jobs never lost sight of the big vision: changing the world by doing what he loved.

He strongly believed in the power of vision, and Apple has everything to show for it.

He revolutionized Apple products in a way nobody else could have, and he resolved to do it with the big picture guiding him throughout.

3. Dare to Change the Game

When putting a dent in the universe, Steve Jobs resolved not to play by the rules but change the rules and the game altogether.

With a handful of people, Apple revolutionized the computer world, the Walkman, the store experience, and the smartphone arena.

Each step taken by Jobs brought his company to the heights of glory.

Every big player in these sub-sectors of the tech industry was left behind until they essentially started playing by the new rules installed by Jobs and his world-famous products.

4. Create New Experiences

Innovation was the keyword that described Jobs’ thinking, actions, and final results.

From revolutionizing the tech world to designing a whole new customer experience, Steve Jobs succeeded in breaking countless records in his field.

Because of his forward thinking and the cutting-edge spirit he injected into his company, Apple customers worldwide have developed a rich emotional connection to the Apple brand.

5. Decide to Be the Best

Being the best doesn’t mean being exclusive.

While developing some of the best products of his career at Apple and NeXT, Steve Jobs also realized that they were too expensive to reach a large public and put that dent in the universe.

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He continued being the best while making the products more and more competitive.

Ultimately, it wasn’t about the price tag anymore but the value.

The iPod, iPad, and iPhone became hit products in a market crowded by far bigger players than Apple was at that time.

The emotional relationship built with the Apple brand was based on value, anticipating customers’ desires, and the determination to be the best.

6. Acknowledge You Need Help

No matter how brilliant you are, achieving performance in your niche isn’t a solo flight.

Despite the iron-fist ruler with fits of anger reputation that surfaces at times in the media, Steve Jobs was a brilliant manager of his team.

He picked and tried each employee until true talent was sifted from the rest.

Their job applications needed top-notch, but even more than that, they needed to have the right amount of stamina and share their desire to solve people’s problems.

Probably more than anything, he needed his team members to support his values and overall vision, so they could all work towards the same goal.

This was the secret success recipe for the products that eventually changed our lives.

7. Sift the Right People from Those Weighing Your Big Vision Down

Surrounding yourself with all the right people will lead to great things.

Learn to say no to anyone who doesn’t fit your ambitions.

People in it for the long haul are worth the time and investment.

Others will only sap your energy and make not-so-inspired decisions.

Be innovative, creative, and decisive, and expect nothing less from your team members.

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8. Learn to Put Yourself in the Other People’s Shoes

Steve Jobs applied this with the utmost care regarding potential customers.

He put himself in the customer’s shoes and thought of what he would expect from a company with great ambitions.

He quickly realized that there were only a few small steps from dreaming big to achieve big.

Empathy with the world around you and anticipating desires is one of the strongest principles that drove Jobs’ achievements.

9. Place emphasis on Dreams

In light of the above, Steve Jobs didn’t create products per se, he created dreams.

Dreams of simplicity, beautiful design, and functionality were all wrapped in products that appealed to the masses and helped create an emotional bond with the Apple brand.

10. Master the Art of Presentation

Watching any of Steve Jobs’ presentations is a mesmerizing experience.

Like no other before him, he did away with classic formats of info-ridden presentations that bore the audience to death.

The myth of Steve Jobs as a spell-casting presenter holds the truth.

He engaged, he created the dreams with the audience, and he was informative to the largest extent.

Steve Jobs is unquestionably a legend.

His love and dedication to his work will be long-lasting in a time when new entrepreneurs are emerging daily, and everything comes and goes with the speed of light.

Jobs’ success story is an inspiration to us all.

Beyond the success story, the principles he upheld are far more enlightening.

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